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Be Ready for an Emergency in Singapore by Packing These Things in Your Ready Bag

No one wants to think about terrorism, floods or other emergencies but it’s best to be prepared.

The first step of preparedness is to have a Ready Bag on standby. 

What is it?

The Ready Bag contains eight crucial items that will help you in an emergency. Take this bag with you when you are required to evacuate your home.

Store the bag where it is easily accessible even in the dark (very important during power outages). Make sure every member of your family knows where the Ready Bag is kept.

What’s inside it?

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) advises the following items should be included in your ready bag. 

1. Torchlight without batteries 
You’ll need this in case of power outage and when evacuating in the dark.

2. Batteries 
Pack extra batteries and do not fit them into the torchlight and radio until needed because they may rust or leak if you leaving them there.

3. Essential personal medication 
Put this in for any existing medical condition in your family (for example, asthma or heart problems). 

4. Waterproof folder with photocopies of important documents such as identification documents and insurance policies
Should the original documents be destroyed in the emergency or fire, these photocopies will help with administrative purposes. 

5. Whistle 
Blowing a whistle is a more effective than shouting for help. It gets tiring and in some cases, you may even be inhaling dangerous amounts of smoke and dust by shouting. 

6. First aid kit 
It will come in handy to treat any minor injuries and read this for an idea of what your first aid kit should contain. 

7. Childcare supplies (and other special care items) 
If you have infants, kids, elderly or individuals with special needs in the family, be sure to have the supplies to meet their needs in the bag. 

8. N95 Mask
This will protect you and your family from excessive exposure to from pollutants and air-borne infections. Read more about the mask here

What else can I put in the Ready Bag?

The Ready Bag should be portable and not too heavy or bulky but if you have room, you can choose to include these optional items:

•     A list of personal contact numbers, including telephone numbers of family members
•     Cash
•     Bottled water and dry foodstuff
•     A set of spare clothing such as T-shirts and sweatpants
•     A list of emergency numbers (Besides the ambulance and the police, include telephone numbers of the utility companies, insurance companies, and so on)


Anything else I should know?

•     You can have more than one Ready Bag — one for each member in your family.
•     Do not pack bulky and heavy items as it will get in your way during an emergency.
•     Routinely check expiry dates of perishable items in the bag and replace them when necessary.
•     Remember to replace batteries with new ones periodically and do not place them inside the torchlight and other devices.

Bonus: Get your kids to understand what a Ready bag is by playing this simple online game

For more advice on what to do in an emergency in Singapore, refer to the Civil Defence Emergency Handbook and stay tuned for tips on how to evacuate your home in case of an emergency in Singapore.

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By Muneerah Bee, July 2016 

Photo: 123rf.com

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