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Best drinks to re-hydrate


Here is Singapore, we’re no strangers to soaring temperatures and scorching sun.  And as the temps rise, our bodies lose fluids faster. Here are the best drinks to keep you hydrated and avoid wilting.



“They” say eight glasses a day but it turns out, they don’t really know what they’re talking about it. Hydration depends on a number of factors – if you’ve been out having a few drinks or on certain medications, for example – you can become dehydrated more quickly.  Medical experts now say a better guideline is to drink enough to need an hourly loo break.


Iced Coffee

Contrary to popular belief, caffeine is not a diuretic. But as with everything in life, moderation is key. And more and more research is pointing to the benefits of this wonder drink including increased memory and athletic performance.


Sports Drinks

If you are dehydrated, sugar and sodium need to be replenished. Along with electrolytes and protein, sports drinks are a great options after a long gruelling workout (90 minutes or more). For workouts under 60 minutes, you can meet your needs (and cut calories) with just plain water.


Coconut Water

We know, it’s the trendiest drink on the block but for good reason. Low in carbohydrates but rich in potassium, coconut water makes for a great post workout – or if you live in Singapore, post walk to your local mall – beverage. Cool down and drink up!



The main ingredients in most smoothies (unless by “smoothie” you actually mean “milkshake”) are fruits and vegetables. Not only are most of these staples dense with water, they also pack a punch of vitamins and minerals. Blend with ice or coconut water (instead of sugary fruit juice) for extra benefit.


Skim Milk

This may seem like the black sheep of the group but it’s gaining quite a reputation as a solid re-hydrator. The calcium in milk is of course, important but a glass of low-fat milk has also been proven better for recovery and rehydration than sports drinks by helping your body build muscle. Just be sure it’s low fat as recent studies show whole milk does not have the same effect. 


Looking for a great smoothie recipe? Click here


By Kathleen Siddell, August 2015

Photo: 123rf.com



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