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6 Best FANCY Dry Cleaners And Bag Spas For Your Designer Hand Bags To Keep Them Looking BRAND NEW

We called more than 20 luxury designer labels to find out which are the places that come highly recommended by their customers.

To put it simply, we love our designer bags. And because they come with such a hefty price tag, our designer bags are precious commodities that we hope to preserve and protect to the best of our abilities. Besides, they also serve as good investment pieces — some might have a good resale value, if we (God forbid!) want to get rid of them some day.

But life doesn’t always go our way and our designer pieces might sometimes be the victims of a dreaded spill or a stain that cannot be removed with just a soft cloth and water. That’s where bag spas come in. When things get too tough, we say leave it to the professionals. Their expertise will restore our beloved luxury bags back to their original splendour.

To help you take the guesswork out of which bag spa to head to, we’ve contacted over 20 luxury designer labels in Singapore, from Chanel to Valentino, and found out which brands are favoured among their customers. So bookmark this page — you’d never know when you might need it.

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By Ho Guo Xiong, May 2019 / Images: Facebook

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