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The Best Gym Classes of 2015

Looking for a new Gym Class to get fitter? You’re bound to find a new favourite with these winning classes – from workout pace and intensity to facilities and overall vibe.



Pure Fitness – RPM (50 minutes)

What – Indoor cycling to catchy, fast-paced music. Regulars call it the rock concert on wheels.

Our tester says “Everyone in class was really motivated. The last couple of songs pushed me to the limit! The facilities were great too.”



Physical Abuse – Kybounder (60 minutes)

What – Constant balancing exercises like leg raises are done on a springy mat to reduce impact on joints. Expect to work your core, arms and legs.

Our tester says “More strenuous than I expected, and although I struggled with some moves that seemed pretty easy, like jumping on the mat with 4kg weights, it was an awesome workout.”



Ritual – Ritual Class Level 1 (30 minutes)

What High-intensity interval training featuring exercises such as burpees, mountain climbers, dead lifts, rows and lunges. The student to instructor ratio is capped at 3:1.

Our tester says “I liked that the class was small with no more than 10 students, so there was a lot of personal attention. The workout was customised to my fitness level, and the instructor made sure I adopted the right form.”



Vivafit – Circuit Tone (30 minutes)

What – An own-time-own-target machine-based workout that involves alternating aerobics with resistance exercises every 30 to 50 seconds.

Our tester says “The instructors were friendly and always on hand to assist students, especially when coaching newcomers. Plus, the schedule is free and easy – go in any time during opening hours to start your personal workout.”



Revolution – Kickboxing (60 minutes)

What – Start with a warm-up comprising bodyweight interval training, followed by a kick-and-punch sequence that combines different martial arts techniques.

Our tester says “This class provided a safe environment to hone my kickboxing skills. It’d probably improve my psychomotor skills over time too.”



Amore Fitness – Cardiolatino (60 minutes)

What – Aerobics moves infused with samba, rumba, cha-cha, paso doble and jive elements, and done to rhythmic Latin music.

Our tester says “I liked the energy as well as the pacing. There was a good mix of quick-tempo songs to keep students hyped up.”



True Fitness – Kpopx Fitness (60 minutes)

What – Signature moves from catchy K-pop songs are incorporated into this high energy dance routine.

Our tester says “Even though I have no dance background, I could follow the moves easily. The instructor kept

things fun.”



(MMA) Virgin Active – MMA (60 minutes)

What – A workout combining kickboxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Our tester says “Learning these martial arts techniques was empowering. Having to pair up with another student motivated me to work harder, and ensured that no one got left behind!”



Bodytec – Bodytec EMS Training (20 minutes)

What – A trainer-supervised session where you perform exercises, like squats and lunges, with pads strapped to your arms, back, core and thighs. These pads electrically stimulate muscles for more intense contractions – so you get stronger more quickly.

Our tester says “It was quick, safe and effective. A perfect lunchtime workout!”



True Fitness – Zumba (60 minutes)

What – Wiggle your hips and tap those feet to a mix of Latin dance styles like cumbia, salsa, mambo, flamenco, cha-cha and samba.

Our tester says “Energising music and fun, dynamic movements. I left the studio feeling elated!”



Hypoxi – Hypoxi Training Session (30 minutes)

What – Cycle on a machine with your lower body in a chamber, which uses vacuum suction to increase blood flow to the waist, tummy, hips, thighs and buttocks. This is said to stimulate metabolism in the lower body.

Our tester says “There was no pain from the suction – just a little discomfort, which I expected. I thought it was a very interesting concept. Worth recommending to friends!”


By Estelle Low, Shape, January 2015

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