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8 Best Places For DAIRY-FREE Milk Substitutes For Your Plant-Based Diet

If dairy is not your cup of, well, milk, these dairy-free milk options will have you covered.

Lactose-intolerant folks have struggled with finding alternative sources of calcium for years. But with more cafes serving other forms of milk that don’t compromise on taste or nutrition, we now have more choices when it comes to our calcium intake.

Plant milk — or nut milk — made of almond, cashew or other nuts offer a host of nutrients, antioxidants, and healthy fats, making them nutritional powerhouses that are in no way inferior to animal milk. Made of nuts and blended with water before being strained, these milk sources offer nutrients such as vitamin E and D, which prevent heart disease and inflammation (thanks, omega-3!), support immune function, and maintain strong bones, among other benefits. They also contain no saturated fat and less than half the amount of calories in cow’s milk, and are beneficial to gut health as they are rich in fibre and easier to digest.

Little surprise, then that brands and cafes are jumping on the bandwagon to fulfil the growing demand for dairy-free alternatives. Here are some options available.

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By Joyce Chua, August 2019  

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