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6 Places To Get The BEST Roti Prata In Singapore, According To Our Editors

Because trust us, these roti pratas are some of the best in Singapore. 

The humble roti prata is one of the best and beloved dish loved by many in Singapore. When it comes to roti prata, there’s simply no bad time to indulge in it — whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper, it’s a comfort food that hits the spot every time, especially when accompanied by some kick a** curry.

There are so many options for prata, so who do we think flips and fries it best? Our editors give their take.

1. Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s Famous Crispy Roti Prata

“There’s always a wait but it’s completely worth it. The tiny sweet-salty coin prata is delicious. And the regular prata makes for a great breakfast with the curry. The best for me though is mutton murtabak, which has a generous filling of tender meat that makes it a meal in itself. My tip? Order the murtabak first and then head off for a workout. Come back in around an hour to enjoy it. Because the pratas are always freshly made and there are always so many orders, you’d be better off spending the time in between doing something more productive.” — Smita DeSouza, Beauty Editor, CLEO

“Their prata is seriously crispy and fragrant — the kosong is the best. You must try the dhal. If you’re going on the weekends, you have to head there really early — they can be sold out by 10 am (or earlier). Also, I’ve heard that some people can wait up to an hour for their prata, so… be prepared.” Sophie Hong, Associate Editor, CLEO

Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s Famous Crispy Roti Prata, 300 Joo Chiat Rd., 429356

2. Springleaf Prata

“Excellent standard pratas that aren’t oily and have the right amount of texture that make them a joy to munch in your mouth. You can even try some of their extra special creations that are a cross between a pizza, murtabak and a prata — Prata Blaster, Murtaburger and more. Be warned that the fish/chicken/dhaal gravies are flavourful but they are not spicy. Great for those who dislike spicy food, but it lacks the extra punch for those who love hot curries.” — Vijay Anand, Editor-in-Chief, Hardwarezone.com

“I usually frequent the one at Jalan Tua Kong. My usual combo would be the cheese, mushroom prata; and then for dessert, I’ll have the red bean prata… yummy!” — Barbara Koh, Editor-in-Chief, The Singapore Women’s Weekly

Springleaf Prata, various locations islandwide

3. Alwadi @ Geylang Serai

(image: Sara Lyle Bow)

“I can’t confess to having found this 24-hour spot myself; our nanny recommended it! According to her, it’s the “dalcha” (an Indian curry made from mutton, chana dal and tamarind) that makes this particular shop the best. It’s a definite family favourite, especially with my three-year-old son who, without hesitation, says prata is one of his favourite foods. My mom, too, insists on making multiple visits to Alwadi whenever she visits from America. The spot has yummy pisang goreng and tapioca fritters too.” — Sara Lyle Bow, Editor-in-Chief, The Finder

Alwadi @ Geylang Serai, 970 Geylang Rd., 423492.

4. Ariff’s Restaurant


“This restaurant is located near my house and they serve up possibly the best prata. It’s thick but crispy on the outside, and the curry is just divine. They have a selection of prata varieties to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with their egg prata. I have a friend who lives in the same neighbourhood and we never fail to meet up here every time we catch up over dinner.” — Hidayah Idris, Associate Digital Editor, CLEO 

Ariff’s Restaurant, 71 Kallang Bahru, 330071

5. Master Prata


“I love when a prata is nice and crispy, and the ones here have a crackling texture that lasts all the way until the very last bite. My favourite is the savoury and satisfying butter prata which has a nice fluffy interior, but the selection here is so wide that you can find all sorts of prata flavours to suit your tastes.” — Wong Yen Leng, Deputy Editor, Nuyou

Master Prata, Alexandra Central, #01-02, 321 Alexandra Rd., 159971

6. Casuarina Curry Restaurant


Casuarina Curry is my go-to spot whenever I have a prata craving. I always go for a double egg cheese, and their version is warm, crispy, light and slightly oily on the outside, with a nice bite once you sink your teeth into the dough. Basically, it’s everything you’d ever want in a prata. What’s more, their prata is of a generous size, and just one can fill you up pretty quickly. I like my prata with fish curry — theirs packs a flavourful punch, but my only gripe is it’s not spicy enough.” — Joy Fang, Former Associate Editor, Digital Trending Desk

Casuarina Curry, 136, 138 Casuarina Rd. (off Upper Thomson), 579524

By Joy Fang, April 2019 /  Updated February 2020 / Updated by Willaine G. Tan, March 2021 / Images: Courtesy of respective restaurants’ social media pages + 123RF.com

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