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Best Singapore Desserts to Beat the Heat

We all scream for ice cream — especially in Singapore where the hot sun keeps the mercury rising year round. Here’s a round up of some of the best desserts on the Red Dot to help keep you cool. 


Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream always satisfies on a hot day but there’s nothing worse than a drippy, soggy cone. A Singapore ice cream sandwich from a mobile cart (all around the island but almost always around Orchard Road and Clarke Quay) is a block of ice cream, literally sandwiched between bread. The sponginess of the bread sops up the melting ice cream for a neat treat to beat the heat. For true Singapore flavour, opt for Durian ice cream.


Ice Kachang

Ice kachang

Always with shaved ice and syrup, this colourful, towering dessert is best enjoyed among friends. This classic Singapore dessert is sometimes served topped with red beans, sweet corn or agar (kind of like Jello). You can find it at most hawker centres but a popular favourite is Annie’s Peanut Ice Kachang at Taman Jurong Market and Food Centre #01-01, 3 Yung Sheng Road.


Bubble Tea

Bubble tea

So many not considered a true dessert by some, bubble tea is cool, refreshing and sweet (even if in liquid form). Originally from Taiwan, this tasty treat is usually tea based with various syrups and flavours added and often time, black tapioca pearls. With many shops serving bubble teas, you’ll find some variation but most will serve everything from super sweet Oreo flavour to ice cream milk tea to Jasmine green milk tea. Try KOI cafe (various locations) or That Bubble Tea (203 Toa Payoh N).  


Cheng Tng

For expats who are more adventurous dessert eaters, try Cheng Tng. Equally cooling when served both cold and hot, this is a clear sweet soup with a mix of fruits and vegetable known for their cooling properties like longans, barley, sweet potato and white fungus. Available at most hawker centres but No Name Cheng Tng in Bedok is consistently given great reviews (Block 69 Bedok South Avenue 3, #01-468).


Tau Huay

Like a tofu pudding, this is another must-try dessert in Singapore. The soft bean curd is often served in a sugary syrup which doesn’t do much to add to its nutritional value (but what fun is a nutritional dessert?) but it does satisfy the need for a soft, sweet, cold or warm treat. Find it islandwide or at Lao Ban Soya Beancurd at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre, 51 Old Airport Road, #01-127.


Frozen Yogurt

For a more traditionally Western dessert that is arguably “healthier,” frozen yogurt is always a hit on a hot day. Most froyo places serve a variety of options from cookie crumbles to fruit to muesli. There are tons of great places serving this international favourite but Llaollao is generally considered the best in Singapore. Try it, you’ll understand why. Click here for locations.


By Kathleen Siddell, February 2016

Photos: 123rf.com

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