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The Best Style Hacks For Surviving Singapore’s Hot and Humid Weather

Last month, the gorgeous women of the American Women’s Association walked the runway at the much-anticipated Straits Chic Fashion Show 2016, flaunting their style and beautiful pieces from curated brands.

And they’re equally stylish off the runway, too – these expat ladies share their top style tips to tackle Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

1. Tara Eastep: The fuss-free bob

Having grown up in South Louisiana, Singapore’s heat and humidity is not something foreign to Tara (but we’re not quite sure if the relentless climate is something anyone will ever quite get used to).

Tara’s hair tip: if you’re feeling ambitious and are up for a new look, rock a bob. Longer hair tends to fall victim to Singapore’s humidity and fall limp and flat; with shorter hair, it’s easier to hold the shape and style throughout the day, and your hair’s off your neck so it’s cooler as well. 

image: Hey Gorgeous Photography

2. Katie Gonzalez: Weather-appropriate, light dresses

One big plus of living in a tropical country like Singapore? You can get away with dressing up even with lighter dresses. Rock a colourful island dress on a night out – as Katie does on dinner dates with her husband!

Shopping At Tiffany’s: one of the brands showcased in the fashion show. image: shoppingattiffanys.com

3. Sarah Cockerill: Find what works, and work it

It might take a bit of effort at the start, but find brands that do clothes that fit and flatter your body type. Some local brands are catered to a petite Asian frame, while others carry expat-friendly shapes and sizes. 

And when you find what works for you, work it! An event is what you make of it – if you’re like Sarah and enjoy dressing up, go for it whenever possible. If you’re worried about being too dressed to the nines and looking out of place, keep your hair and make-up low maintenance – that’s what works best in Singapore’s humidity anyway. 

image: @wardrobemistresssg (Sarah’s Instagram)

Wardrobe bursting at the seams? Organise clothes swaps – knowing that someone else will look fabulous in an outfit makes it much easier to let it go, and you’ll feel better about the money spent as well. 

4. Lindsay Fipp: Don’t get stuck in a style rut

In Singapore’s never-changing climate, there’s no natural change of dress or swapping out of your wardrobe, so it’s easy to get stuck in a style rut wearing the same things over and over; your favourite pieces sometimes end up looking worn and old as well. 

But dressing up doesn’t have to mean donning a full-on evening gown. A smart casual dress with flat or low-heeled sandals makes for a comfortable day outfit as well. In this year-round heat, even a pair of nice jeans, a fun top, and heels is a chic statement. 

By Pinky Chng, May 2016

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