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The Best Toys for Kids Aged 6-8 Years

Together with their little ones, our judges have tried and tested the best toys in Singapore, for their child’s age group. 

Best ride-on toy

YGlider XL Deluxe, $149, Yvolution at Mothercare (see above)

A practical three-wheeled design for younger kids, this safe, sturdy and adjustable ride-on scooter gives a smooth ride and teaches kids steering and braking skills.

“I love this YGlider because it was really fun to use and it is just so cool!” –Guan Lim

Best new toy on the market

Cupcake Baking Set, $49, Early Learning Centre

ELC’s baking set is the perfect for aspiring mini-masterchefs. Including everything you need to bake the perfect cupcake, this lovely set is sure to be found under a few Christmas trees this year!

Best toy for sport

Jumping Ropes 8’ Single, $9.90, Just Jump It at Playhao

A classic toy for any sporty kid, this simple skipping rope can provide new skills and hours of energetic play alone, or with some friends.

Best toy storage

Tubtrugs, from $18.95 to 59.95, Howard’s Storage World

Convenient, durable, stackable, and easy to clean, these colourful tubs are perfect for kids to throw their toys into after playing. Being lightweight  these handy tubs are great for organisaing your children’s playroom.

Best toy for art

“Cherry Tree Girls” Atelier Workshop, $49.90, Djeco at The Better Toy Store

This stylish child’s painting set includes detailed instructions and tips almost guaranteeing a good-looking outcome, promoting a child’s confidence and teaching precious creative skills.

Best family game

Dancing Eggs, $39.90, HABA at The Better Toy Store

A board game with a difference, look forward to loads of family fun as you and your kids try to balance the eggs as instructed by the dice.

Best classic toy

T-Rex $44.90; Baby T-Rex, $19.90, PAPO at The Better Toy Store

Which child does not like dinosaurs? Sturdy enough for vigorous play, this classic toy is also very lifelike and detailed for some simple lessons in anatomy.

Best book

Secrets of the Swamp by Neil Humphreys, $14.95, Marshall Cavendish

Parents will love the environmental message conveyed by this book by Singaporean resident Neil Humphreys. Kids will adore the fun extras included—a pull out map, puzzle and a word quiz.

Best all-round educational toy

Creator 3, $188, Zometool at Playhao

This well-crafted construction toy kit allows kids to discover science and math concepts and encourages them to express themselves artistically.

Best creative/ craft kit

Painted Bas Relief—The Sea Tropics, $15.90, Elf Market at Nature’s Collection

Kids will have a lot of fun moulding the 3-D bas-relief images from the quick drying plaster and then decorating them with the paint set included. This kit will keep kids artistically engaged for hours.

Best board game

Tricky Ways, $199, Cuboro at Playhao

This ingenious woddenis concept uses a Swiss-made wooden frame which players take turns to manipulate and send shiny marbles down its beautifully-made tracks. This is a great game for the whole family to play together.

Best travel toy

Stethoscope, $18.90, SES at The Better Toy Store

Kids will love this working stethoscope for realistic, doctor-patient role play. This high quality, simple science toy is a wonderful introduction to learning about the human body.


By Lucy Cleeve, Harper’s Bazaar Junior Issue 15, November 2014

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