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Best TRAVEL Books To Read Even If You Can’t Get On A Plane

Travel books can take your imagination on inner journeys, to places you can’t actually go to – even when travel is curtailed.

International travel is still put on hold, but that doesn’t stop the imagination. Whether it be non-fiction travel books, following the self discovery of travel writers, or travel fiction books, filled with whimsical stories, these will fulfil any armchair traveller.

Follow journeys across Russia, Japan, the United States, and more with these 8 best travel books.

1. Snow in May, by Kseniya Melnik


This travel fiction book, Snow in May, is a collection of beautiful short stories, following the lives of an unlikely group of characters in the port town of Magadan, a former transit centre for prisoners of Stalin’s labour camps. Melnik integrates fiction and history of twentieth century Russia that transports readers in this captivating world. Available on Amazon and Book Depository.

2. Through Painted Deserts: Light, God, and Beauty on the Open Road, by Donald Miller


This road-trip memoir, about crossing the United States in a souped-up Volkswagen van, will have readers dive into the deepest human questions and epiphanies. Filled with dry desert humour, spiritual journeys, and growing friendships, Donald Miller’s journey will have you question your own life’s purpose.

Available on Amazon and Book Depository.

Available on Amazon and Book Depository.

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