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The Best Way to Alleviate Indoor Allergies

For some expats, moving to an urban environment and tropical climate, can be a bit of an adjustment (physically and mentally). If you are not used to going from heat to air conditioning or the dust and smog of a city, you may find your allergies are worse. You can’t really change the outdoor air, but you can change your indoor air…


House dust mites – a major cause of allergies – like to live in everyday objects like soft toys, cushions, carpets, and so on. The most effective anti-allergy measure is to remove these objects from your home, but of course, that’s not always possible.

You can kill these pests with a variety of methods and products, such as using anti-dust mite chemical sprays or washing the objects in hot water (above 60 deg C). However, these measures will not completely eradicate the mites, so you should cover your pillows, mattresses and sofas to prevent the mites from coming out of these objects.

Vacuuming is also effective at eliminating house dust mites, just make sure you pick a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Air purifiers can also help reduce environmental allergens.

• THE DYSON PURE COOL ($999) uses Dyson’s patented 360° Glass HEPA filter which traps 99.95 per cent of ultra-fi ne particles or those as small as PM0.1 – including pollen, bacteria, and viruses that can enter the bloodstream and cause illness. The Dyson Pure Cool also acts as a fan, projecting clean, purified air around the room evenly and quietly. You need to replace the filter only after six months of continuous use.

• PHILIPS AIR PURIFIER AC4025/00 ($279), has an advanced filtration system that eliminates harmful agents in two stages:

  • In stage one, the activated carbon filter acts as a pre-filter to trap large particles like human hair and regular house dust, and effectively remove odours and harmful gases.
  • Stage two is where the HEPA filter weeds out fine dust, bacteria and allergens. It’s good for rooms with areas of up to 30 sq


You don’t have to wait until the haze outside is bad, investing in an air purifier can start helping you feel better today!


For more on dealing with household allergens, click here.


By Home & Decor, May 2015

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