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8 Things To Know About Bird’s Nest, The MAGIC Skin Food Singaporeans Are Crazy About

Bird’s spit as magic skin food say what?

Bird’s Nest is probably one of those things you only heard about after moving to Singapore. Curious about what makes edible bird’s nest so popular here? We uncover some interesting facts you should know.

1. How it is made

Bird’s nest is made by three species of swiftlets using solidified glutinous saliva, which are then harvested for consumption. This unique delicacy is a popular tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

2. The gift of the bird


This ancient Chinese tradition dates back to about 400 years ago and it is believed to have many health benefits, such as boosting a weak immune system, speeding up recovery from illnesses, relieving asthma, improving digestion, aiding bowel movement, and so on. It is also believed to enhance beauty by improving your complexion, as it is said to have the elements to repair skin and tissue.

3. How to eat it


They say it is best to eat bird’s nest on an empty stomach or before meals to allow the body to fully absorb its nutrients. Bird’s nest is traditionally served as a soup, but many people are changing the game and including it as an ingredient in various dishes. For example, here’s a recipe to make bird’s nest strawberry cream cheese mochi.

4. You better start saving up


This highly-valued product is not cheap, and the size and shape of bird’s nest are the key factors to determine its price. Depending on its grade and market demand, it can easily cost from $2,000 to around $3,000 per kilogram. Wow.

5. They make great gifts


In Singapore, they make popular gifts, especially during Lunar New Year, as they symbolise wishing good health upon the receiver.

6. Places you can buy them from

Think this is something you need in your life? You can buy them from these established retailers:

You can buy them as bottled products or as dry bird’s nest.

7. Beware of the fakes


Counterfeit bird’s nest exists. Find out how to identify the real deal here. Hint: Observe its colour and smell.

8. Our special bird’s nest museum


Did you know there is a bird’s nest museum in Kranji?  The World of Birdnest Museum provides in-depth information about edible bird’s nest and the swiftlet species that make them. You’ll also learn about swiftlet ranching farms as well as the scientific developments on the medicinal benefits of bird’s nest.

The museum is currently under maintenance but you can look forward to its reopening in the near future at the end of February or early March.

World of Birdnest Museum, 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, 718813

By Muneerah Bee, August 2016 / Updated by Muneerah Bee, February 2020 / Updated by Willaine G. Tan, January 2021. Images from the respective brands’ social media pages + 123RF.com

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