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Is Boarding School In Singapore Right For Your Child? Head Of Boarding Shares More

How do I know if boarding school is right for my child?

Thinking of sending your child to a boarding school in Singapore but aren’t too sure of what it entails? Head of Boarding, Wang Li-sa, from the Australian International School gives you her advice on what you need to know.

The adolescent years can be challenging, and close guidance from responsible and supportive adults is important. So, parents don’t come easily to the decision of sending their child to boarding school. They want to ensure a quality education in a welcoming environment away from home for their child.

The Australian International School began its AIS Boarding programme in January 2020. It saw a need to provide focused pastoral support for its Secondary students from years six to 12 whose families sent them to Singapore. The programme focuses on the creation of a family-like support network that sees its students through, from preparing them for university education to adulthood.

What will my child experience in the AIS Boarding programme?

boarding school in singapore

1. Being Independent

Boarders are taught to be independent through time and personal management. This includes managing the cleanliness of their living spaces and personal hygiene.

2. Being Community-Minded

Community-mindedness is at the centre of this programme. Boarders come to understand that everything they do is guided by a respect for others.

3. Digital Well-Being

While device curfews are mandated, the school also places a strong emphasis on the development of digital management skills.

4. It Takes Time

Youths do not always adapt to new living environments immediately. It can take anything from weeks to months before a student settles down and thrives. During this period of adjustment, family support is very important. Get in touch with the AIS Boarding team at the contact information below, if you are keen to know more.

“The boarding programme focuses on the creation of a family-like support network.”
– Wang Li-sa, Head of Boarding

boarding school in singapore

The only international school in SG for students aged two months to 18 years that operates on a Southern hemisphere school year, the Australian International School (AIS) offers a combination of robust Australian and international curriculum pathways to ensure that students reach their full potential.

Australian International School
1 Lorong Chuan, 556818
Tel: 6664 8127
Email: admissions@ais.com.sg
Web: ais.com.sg

By Wang Li-sa for The Finder Kids Vol. 30, March 2021 / Images: Australian International School

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