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Buy Vintage and Get a Timeless Look

The world of fashion might be ever-changing but it’s a norm for designers to fall back on styles from earlier eras for inspiration. Why not start a collection of unique retro and vintage clothing? We’ll show you how to shop with confidence.

Start with a classic

Timeless styles like a fit and flare dress, a beaded cardigan or a little black dress will never go out of fashion.

The older the better

These days, most of our clothes are mass-produced by machines. There was no such luxury of efficiency in the past and quality was favoured over quantity. Fashion was sewn by hand and designed to last. If your dress comes from an earlier era, you’ll notice greater attention to details like the stitching.

Watch out for wear and tear

It’s normal for vintage apparel to come with imperfections. Buy pieces that require minor fixing like a ripped lining or falling hems. Beware of sweat stains and age spots which are almost impossible to remove.

Be wise about size

It may be tough to find vintage clothes that fit you exactly but they can be easily altered. Don’t buy anything more than one size bigger or it might get tricky for your seamstress to get it right.

Stay in vogue

If you are wondering what vintage styles to buy, take your cue from the runways and you’ll be bang-on-trend. 


By Harper’s BAZAAR – Black Book of Online Shopping, July 2014

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