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Can You Drink Your Way to Better Skin?

The new wave of beauty supplements claim to be more potent and more effective. So can you really drink your way to healthier, younger-looking skin?


It appears that Asian women are embracing a new lit-from-within glow. So even though the process of natural ageing starts as early as our late 20s, there is a shift towards taking on a more holistic approach to beauty. According to Yutaka Yamaguchi, General Manager of Fujifilm’s Life Science Products Division, our collagen levels start to drop in our late 20s because the rate at which our body naturally makes new collagen cannot keep up. And as a result, we need to take collagen from an external source to make up for that.


What is High-Purity Collagen?

With tilapia fish scales as the source of collagen, Astalift uses a unique first-extraction method to obtain super pure and highly-concentrated collagen. “Later batches produce collagen that’s less pure and we don’t’ do that,” explains Yutaka. In addition, the collagen used is in the form of collagen peptides, which has a low molecular weight for optimal absorption by the body.


Where Does the Collagen Go?

When we ingest collagen in the form of supplements, our body digests it into amino acids, which is then redistributed all over our boy (including joints and skin) before they are rebuilt into collagen again. “These collagen not only goes onto our skin, because other components in our body require collagen too. Taking collagen peptides sends our body the signal to make more collagen,” adds Yutaka.


Anti-Ageing Powerhouse

Astalift Pure Collagen Drink 10000 contains Omithine, a special protein found in freshwater clams to support the synthesis of collagen and increase the secretion of growth hormones so skin behaves more youthfully. Vitamin C and ceramide are also added for suppler skin.


For a more traditional approach to younger skin, try eating these


By Annie Tan & Joyce Cheo, Singapore Women’s Weekly, July 2015

Photo: 123rf.com

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