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Celebrate World Sake Day in Singapore!

October 1 marks World Sake Day and whether you are a sake afficiando, a casual drinker or never tried it before, Lewin Terrace’s celebration will entice all!

Lewin Terrace-KanPai-西の関袋取り雫酒720ml


What exactly is sake?

In Japan, the word “sake’ generally refers to any alcoholic drink. Loosely translated to “rice wine,” sake is produced more like a beer than a wine. Like a beer, the starch is the rice needs to be converted to sugar before it can produce alcohol. However, the fermentation process in making sake is unlike any other alcohol. The process is laborious and the end result depends on the quality of rice and water used as well as a knowledgeable toji (head brewer). Essentially, the more “polished” the rice (stripped of all its impurities), the higher the quality of sake.


Why is World Sake Day celebrated on October 1?

October marks the beginning of a new sake-brewing season. At this time, some of the brews from the previous spring are becoming more complex. In particular, the Hiyaoroshi variety, which unlike others does not need a second pasteurisation process, is perfect for sampling in early autumn.

Also, the Japanese character for sake is strikingly similar to the character for chicken which is the 10th animal sign in the zodiac.


I don’t drink sake often. How do I know what to buy?

According to John Gaunter, a sake expert, who has written numerous books and articles on the subject, says to buy Ginjo. He also notes that the majority of sake is fairly priced so the higher the price, the higher the quality. Easy to remember!


So where can I celebrate?

Japanese-French fine-dining restaurant Lewin Terrace will serve as the main venue to kick off Singapore’s celebration of sake. The restaurant will serve delectable dishes, specially crafted by Executive Chef Keisuke Matsumoto to be paired with eight different types of premium sake.

In addition, Japan’s fifth inaugurated Sake Samurai Mariko Kiyonaga returns to the restaurant to share her vast knowledge and insights on her country’s national drink. Guests will also be treated to Ms. Kiyonaga’s “secret” sake, specially picked for the World Sake Day celebration.

Over 50 restaurants will be participating in Sake Week with exclusive set menus and sakes at a special price. Check Oishii magazine for details.


Lewin Terrace’s World Sake Day celebration:

  • Location: 21 Lewin Terrace
  • Date: October 1
  • Time: 7:30 pm
  • Price: $80++, inclusive of eight different types of sake and food
  • Reservations required: Call 6333 9905 or email: info@lewinterrace.com.sg

Lewin Terrace-KanPai-西の関秘蔵酒720ml

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