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Wondering Why Your Kid’s Teeth Look GAPPY? This Dentist In Singapore Explains Why

Looking for a child dentist in Singapore? 

If you’re searching around for a kid-friendly dentist in Singapore, we’ve got just the one for you. For parents, often we feel very excited when our children’s milk (or baby) teeth start to wiggle and fall out and new permanent teeth begin to erupt. However, these new teeth often do not look straight and aligned like the milk teeth. They may even have big gaps between them. Wondering why this is the case? Dr. Pauline Lee, a Smilefocus dentist who completed her residency in paediatric dentistry at the University of British Columbia, shares more.

Don’t Worry, it’s Natural

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The arrangement of teeth is affected by many factors: their size, the muscles inside and around the mouth, and the shape of the jaw. This transitional stage usually just requires extra care and some patience – making sure to brush around the new teeth until they gather into their final positions. Of course, if a tooth erupts too far outside of what’s normal, it may require some treatment, especially to prevent negative effects on adjacent teeth.

Other Possible Factors

In some situations, gaps may be due to more problematic issues, such as extra teeth, or extra soft tissue causing physical obstruction between teeth. In such cases, removal of the obstruction may be necessary, and your dentist can determine the best timing to do so.

Habits Matter Too

Habits such as tongue-thrusting, mouth-breathing or thumb-sucking can also cause gaps between teeth. These habits can be modified with the help of dental appliances and may additionally require coordination with a medical doctor. On the other hand, your child may simply have small-sized teeth – or even missing teeth! – that are insufficient to fill up all the available room in their jawbone. Depending on the situation, your child may be suitable for early orthodontic treatment to improve the aesthetics.

This is an exciting time of new dental milestones, and also the best window of opportunity for treating some of these issues. Schedule a visit with a dentist for your child at Smilefocus Singapore, so the dental team can work with you to discuss what’s best for him or her!

child dentist singapore

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By Dr. Pauline Lee for The Finder Kids Vol. 30 March 2021 / Images: Jumpstory + 123RF.com

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