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10 ENTERTAINING Chinese Language Cartoons For Kids To Pick Up Mandarin

Let your kids learn Mandarin and have fun at the same time!

Trying to get your little ones to pick up a new language?

These Chinese language cartoons might just help! They include familiar favourites translated from English, such as Peppa Pig and PJ Masks, as well as cartoons from Japan, Korea, Russia and, of course, China!

1. Big-Ear Tutu – 大耳朵图图官方频道

Each 12-minute episode revolves around an endearing little boy called Hu Tutu – with his family, in school and in the neighbourhood. It explores topics that children can relate to, in a light-hearted way. Watch Tutu make friends in a new school and the family cope when mummy goes back to work.

We like: The simple illustration style that lends a honesty to a series that focuses on everyday situations with an easy-going humour.

Watch more episodes here.

2. Baby Bus – 寶寶巴士-兒歌童謠-卡通動畫

If you are weaning your child off Baby Shark, this channel might do the trick. Its motley team of animals from bears to penguins would appeal to kids under five years old. The hour-long episodes (you might want to split each into two sittings) are packed with a variety of stories, music and nursery rhymes. Some English content slips in at times.

We like: Its diversity of wholesome topics, from occupations to adopting good habits like proper teeth-brushing.

Watch more episodes here.

3. Masha and the Bear – 瑪莎與熊

The antics of a little girl and a big brown bear in this award-winning Russian production are more entertaining than educational. But, occasional episodes showcase warm moments of love and friendship. Parents have expressed worries in online reviews, of children imitating Masha’s bratty behaviour. However, if the classic Tom-and-Jerry type of cartoons is not on your blacklist, you’ll probably have no objections against this series. Plus, Masha may win you over with her adorably big eyes and plucky cheekiness.

We like: Its beautiful visual style and high quality artwork that put it on par with animated movies by the big boys like Pixar.

Watch more episodes here.

4. Boonie Bears – 熊出没

A popular original Mandarin series launched in 2012 on Chinese television stations, its look and feel is more European than Asian. With a cast of bears, foxes, monkeys, rabbits and squirrels, its heart-warming stories revolve around life in the woods. There is a meaningful message in every story, with environmental consciousness a focus in many of them.

We like: Other than 24-minute episodes, there are also a couple of full-length 90-minute feature films on the channel. Well-produced and entertaining even for adults, they are great for movie nights with the kids.

Watch more episodes here.

5. Pocoyo – 中文

The adventures of a sweet four-year-old Pocoyo and his animal friends are told through a narrator in seven-minute episodes. Simple but lively, the commentary is also easy for young children to understand. With the characters set against white background, the storytelling is direct and focused.

We like: The simplicity of the setting, coupled with the innocence of the boy in the blue outfit and his friends makes this a refreshing series.

Watch more episodes here.

6. Pororo – 小企鹅啵樂樂

A simple storyline is the appeal of this South Korean production. The escapades of a penguin with a helmet and his Artic friends make compelling stories for pre-schoolers. Cutesy voices and crisp dialogue draw viewers into every adventure that always ends on a happy note.

We like: Pororo’s distinctive orange-coloured aviator glasses – we haven’t seen another cartoon character with such a cool accessory.

Watch more episodes here.

7. PJ Masks – 睡衣小英雄 – 官方频道

Characters that don power suits and transform into superheroes at night never fails to capture kids’ imagination. The colour-coded trio of Catboy, Gekko and Owlet tackles villains and emerges victorious in every battle. Spiderman, take a back seat.

We like: The recurring theme of saving the world through teamwork conveys a positive and reassuring message that can be empowering and inspirational.

Watch more episodes here.

8. Chiba Maruko Chan – 樱桃小丸子 动漫 中文版

Can you name an iconic Japanese cartoon? It’s Doraemon for some, Maruko Chan for others. The blue rotund creature is perhaps more recognisable, but a quirky nine-year-old girl more relatable. Precocious and likeable, Maruko Chan is the protagonist in this long-running popular anime series. Primary school children and adults will also enjoy the stories that mostly revolve around her family and school life.

We like: Watching Maruko share tender moments with her grandparents who live with her. In one episode, grandpa Tomozo reminisces about his childhood as he enjoys a quiet afternoon with Maruko before dozing off.

Watch more episodes here.

9. Peppa Pig – 小猪佩奇 中文官方

No dramatic adventures, no superstar troops. Nonetheless, the daily life of a lovable piggy family appeals to young children. With stories about gardening and muddy puddles, themes in this British animation series are down-to-earth and wholesome. And with a mix of commentary and conversation, there is plenty of basic Mandarin for the kids to pick up.

We like: The delightful innocence and infectious giggles of Peppa and her brother George.

Watch more episodes here.

10. Robocar Poli TV – 变形警车珀利TV 中文

Heroes come in the form of Transformer-like vehicles, only friendlier-looking and more polite. A police car, ambulance, fire engine and helicopter make up a rescue team very much like that in Paw Patrol. Their mission: Braving dangers and saving friends.

We like: The heroic feats inspire kindness and courage. Kids can learn about fire and traffic safety in some episodes.

Watch more episodes here.

Text adapted from Young Parents, April 2020 / Last updated by Jasia Shamdasani 

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