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Where To Buy Christmas Trees In Singapore To Make The Festive Season More SPECIAL

There’s nothing quite like the smell of pine, or the visual feast of fully decked-out faux Christmas trees in Singapore this jolly season.

Ahh, the most wonderful time – and the most hectic too – of the year is here. Beyond the obligatory gift-buying, turkey-baking and the near-endless to-dos this season, it all starts with the Christmas tree. What better way to usher in the good cheer with statement decoration pieces like Christmas trees in your Singapore living room? Whether you are #teamtraditional or #teamartificial, you can definitely find something to smile about in each alternative.

Christmas Trees in Singapore: Traditional or Artificial?

While it may be tough deciding between the two, it really boils down to personal preference! Here are some pros of each choice listed below:

1. #TeamTraditional: Real Christmas Trees

  • Think, the smell of fresh pines wafting throughout the room. (This really brings out the spirit and tradition of Christmas!)
  • The excitement that goes into choosing a tree in a nursery as a family (of course, this may be a little more restricted now with the pandemic – but nevertheless a fun activity!)
  • You support local farmers and nurseries!

2. #TeamArtificial: Faux Christmas Trees

  • They’re reusable – if you foresee yourself being a busy Santa’s elf every Christmas, this might be a huge time-saver.
  • Low-maintenance and easy to set up. The thing about live trees is the maintenance that goes into keeping it fresh throughout the holiday season. If you are unable to commit to that, a faux tree will do just great!
  • Want to customise? Go right ahead! Artificial trees come in all shapes, colours and sizes – simply take your pick!

Waft in the smell of the season with a selection of LIVE Christmas trees from the places below!

Drop by any of these places to get REAL Christmas trees for your home that would delight the senses and start conversations during dinner parties and gatherings.

[advanced_gallery slug=”live-christmas-trees-singapore”]

Alternatively, these faux, hyper-realistic Christmas trees are available islandwide in Singapore.

[advanced_gallery slug=”where-to-buy-artificial-christmas-trees-in-singapore-to-make-the-festive-season-more-special”]

By Atifa Othman + Muneerah Bee / Updated December 2019 / Updated by Willaine G. Tan, November 2020.

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