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Cities With The Best WEATHER In The World

Bad weather can easily ruin a trip. But these cities with the best weather will never let you down.

Everyone has their own opinion on what’s the best weather. But have you ever noticed your disposition growing sunnier on a bright summer’s day, or felt yourself retreating from society in the dark nights of winter? Research has shown that the weather can have a profound effect on mood. For instance, humidity can make people feel weary and short-tempered, while rainy days can lower life satisfaction.

So, moving to cities with the world’s best weather could be the key to enjoying a perpetual mood boost. Here are 11 cities where the weather forecast will put a smile on your face all year round.

(Tip: Scroll down for info on weather apps to consult the world over!)

1. Honolulu, USA


The capital of Hawaii is paradise on earth. With pristine sand beaches and azure blue seas everywhere you turn, Honolulu enjoys a tropical climate that promises mild temperatures all year round, avoiding weather extremes that keep you sweating. Free from heatwaves and cold winters, the city offers the ideal setting to enjoy the sun, sand and surf, or hike the countless stunning trails on Oahu.

2. Athens, Greece


Athens is the dream place for anyone interested in culture and mythology. The Greek capital is home to some of the world’s most astonishing archaeological sites. At the same time, the city enjoys a balmy Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and mild winters. Summer can get quite hot, but residents find relief by revelling on one of the many beaches less than an hour’s drive from central Athens.

3. Perth, Australia


Australia has the enviable reputation of having blue skies all year round, and Perth is one of the Oceanic nation’s best all-rounders, enjoying a Mediterranean climate with hot summers, cool winters and more days of sunshine than any other major city in the country. Winter temperatures are extremely mild and rarely fall below 10°C. The capital of Western Australia also experiences very little rain, which might not be so great for agriculture but is ideal for those looking to experience the charming and compact town centre, as well as its coastline and many sprawling parks.

4. San José, Costa Rica


Costa Rica topped the latest Happy Planet Index rankings measuring sustainable wellbeing, surpassing many wealthier countries. Capital San José enjoys a tropical and subtropical climate with warm but never overly sultry days. Meanwhile, the cool nights offer respite from the sun, offering a pleasurable climate in which to discover the Central American nation’s many cultural treasures. The city is also a convenient base from which to explore Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches and verdant rainforests.

5. Lisbon, Portugal


Thanks to Portugal’s location on the Iberian Peninsula and its interminable coastline running the length of the country, its capital Lisbon enjoys a Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters. While much of Continental Europe struggles with cold winters, Lisbon’s mean winter temperature stays above 10°C. Meanwhile, summer temperatures remain clement at under 25°C, offering an idyllic setting in which to enjoy the city’s colourful architecture.

6. Ubud, Indonesia


Bali is the quintessential tropical island paradise (no surprise, it’s on our bucket list of Asian destinations!). Located close to the equator, the Indonesian island enjoys a balmy tropical climate with warm days and nights all year round. While it’s hard to pick just one town in Bali, Ubud stands out as one of the most atmospheric, with its enchanting rice fields and intricate temples. The town has also become one of Bali’s hubs for arts and culture, with many artists and craftspeople choosing to base themselves there.

7. Medellín, Colombia


Located in a mountainous region at 1,500 metres above sea level, Medellín enjoys the freshness of spring all year round, earning it the enviable nickname “the City of the Eternal Spring”. The tropical climate of Colombia’s second largest city never outstays its welcome, with comfortable humidity levels accompanying pleasantly warm days and cool nights. The delightful weather is matched by the warmth of the local population and the liveliness of local street life with its markets, churches and museums.

8. Auckland, New Zealand


Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, is a common fixture on quality of living rankings. It placed third on Mercer’s Quality of Living Ranking 2019, and has left the competition even further behind thanks to New Zealand’s effective response to the Covid pandemic. The multicultural city enjoys a pleasant temperate climate with warm summers and mild winters, coupled with a welcoming vibe, a high standard of living and easy access to surrounding nature.

9. Syracuse, Italy


For many, heaven is an island in the Mediterranean. Syracuse fits the bill perfectly – located in Sicily, the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Syracuse is jam-packed with breath-taking ocean views and home to its fair share of UNSECO-listed archaeological sites. Thanks to its hot-summer Mediterranean climate, Syracuse enjoys mild winters and steamy summers, making it ideal for sun worshippers.

10. Quito, Ecuador


Ecuador’s capital city has its head in the clouds. At 2,850 metres above sea level, Quito enjoys constant temperatures kept cool by the altitude all year round in spite of its location near the equator. Temperatures hovers comfortably in the 20°C region, making it easy to explore the historic Old City and its historic churches, squares and museums without worrying about heat or cold.

11. Valletta, Malta


The tiny Mediterranean country of Malta has going for it than beaches and gorgeous weather. Capital city Valletta, located on the Northeastern coast, is itself a UNESCO World Heritage site and brimming with baroque architecture. With mild winters and hot summers tempered by the sea, Valletta’s stunning harbour views and intricate buildings can be enjoyed all year round.

Bonus tip!

Install a good weather app on your phone and you’ll never be caught without your umbrella! Here are some of the best weather apps for iPhone and Android:


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The Weather Channel

Weather channel junkies, get your fill with this app’s weather forecast snippets in video format in addition to the usual static reports.

Weather Underground

Detailed and accurate weather forecasts with alerts for severe weather and sunrise and sunset times.

By Joanne Poh

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