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Closet Woes? Organize Your Wardrobe Space With These Cool Buys

Whip your wardrobe into shape – you’ll get dressed that much quicker, thanks to helpful organisers and smart storage tips.


Start thinking in levels. Successful closets leave no white space and is designed to suit your needs. Plenty of foldable cottons? Consider ceiling-to-floor shelves. If you require more hanging space, devote half the closet to double hanging – a rack on top and one at the bottom. Whatever it is, make it work for you.

Stack the Rack

Piling folded clothes into too-tall stacks is pointless when you need something in a hurry. Tame them into smaller groups using a hanging storage with compartments. Organiser, $14.90, from Ikea.

Roll with it

Roll items that don’t require ironing as it saves you space. Tighter rolls also prevent further creasing. Do this when you’re travelling too – think of the excess luggage room you have for shopping.

Store and Seal

Unless you travel every month, there’s no reason to hang your winter clothes. They’re space hoarders. Store and seal them in clear boxes under your bed, on top of closets or even in the storage area. This way, you’ll know what you’re looking for and free up closet room for those fresh buys. Clear drawer, $44.95, from Howards Storage World.

Bags and Accessories 

Expensive and beautiful. Two common words women use to describe their handbags. They deserve all the attention on the street and in your closet. Don’t chuck them on the floor- take a cue from posh boutiques and show them off. For example, make a stylish statement with a trendy coat hanger. It works for bags, hats, as well as jackets. Coat tree, $450, from Teak and Mahogany.

Put a Bag in a Bag

Some oversized bags may sag and become damaged if they’re left empty. To save your investments (and space), store your purses, clutches and foldable totes in them.

Hang them up

Hang handbags up the way you do second-day clothes. They are not just functional and fashionable, they serve as a fabulous wallpaper too.


Shoe racks are not the best options for a small space. But if you must, pick a pretty one that matches your furniture and place it under a dresser. Display that fab footwear!

  • Keep heels on their sides. For flats, put one side facing front to back and the other, back to front.
  • Organise your shoes with clear shoe organisers. These work best on the floor or on shelves. Stackable plastic boxes increase storage capability. Ones with lids are great for shoes you don’t wear often – they’re slim and can fit nicely anywhere. Pick ones that work like cabinets for convenience. Clear shoe organisers, from $15.95, from Howards Storage World.


A leather holder like this one is classic and works for all types of jewellery. A cutlery holder made for kitchen drawers is a cheaper alternative. Get your tools out – add hooks in the compartments and mount it on the wall if you have a crowded dresser. Jewellery case, $129.80, from Fengshui Organizer.

Fancy jewels need special care

  • Use a rigid jewellery box with soft felt lining.
  • Store gold and silver pieces in breathable cotton bags to keep them away from each other.
  • Pearls are soft and prone to scratches. Keep them in a soft bag and clean them regularly.
  • Humid conditions escalate tarnishing. A moisture-absorbing product such as white chalk, charcoal or silica gel helps to absorb moisture in the air.

By Jolene Khor, Singapore Women’s Weekly, January 2015

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