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Cold Brewed Coffee vs. Iced Coffee

The warm weather in Singapore takes some getting used to for us expats. We’re further confounded when people are seen sipping hot coffee while sitting outside. Now, you can sip with the hip as the cold brew coffee trend is on the rise.

But this isn’t your ordinary iced coffee.


Cold brew is…

… the method of brewing coffee without heat. One of the most common methods involves steeping (soaking) ground coffee in room-temperature water for about eight to 12 hours to obtain a concentrated essence. This essence is then diluted with ice water, and left in the refrigerator for at least a few hours until it’s ready to be served. Alternatively, ground coffee is steeped using cold water and ice cubes.



Unlike iced coffee, which is hot coffee chilled with ice cubes, cold brew is the diluted essence of the coffee, refrigerated for a few hours before being served. This helps to preserve its flavours. In contrast, the rapid cooling of hot coffee through the addition of ice produces a bitter taste.


It tastes different too.

Compared with its hot counterparts, cold brew coffee is usually described as having a more fruity and floral profile. It’s also smoother and less acidic.


Yes, you can make it at home.

All you need is freshly ground coffee and filtered water. A popular brew ratio is 100g of coffee to every 500g of water. Let the coffee steep for 12 hours, after which you should filter out the grounds with paper or cloth filters.


Happy drinking!


By Tan Min Yan, Her World, April 2015

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