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Can Covid IMPROVE Your Chances Of Getting Permanent Residence In Singapore?

One of the biggest concerns for Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) hopefuls in 2020 is, “Will Covid-19 impact my application?”

The Immigration People explain some important points to note…

About Processing Time

Since the start of Covid-19, the Singapore government’s resources have been exerted to contain the spread in the community. This has resulted in a longer processing time for PR applications during this period. However, foreigners still remain as a driving force of Singapore’s economy, and the applications to approve new PRs and Citizens will continue to be processed.

Your Industry Matters

In Singapore, there are many industries that require the foreign talent pool to supplement the local workforce. Just a few essential industries include healthcare, biotechnology and cyber security. The quota for Singapore PR applicants will vary proportionately, according to the need for foreign talent with specialised skills in industries of high demand.

This does not mean that applicants from other industries will have fewer opportunities. As Elena Kwa and Kay Cheong, Directors and Senior Immigration Consultants at The Immigration People, shares, “We have helped countless from across a wide range of industries achieve theirSingapore immigration dream.”

No Quota Change for New PRs

The immigration quotas for Singapore in 2020 and 2021 have already been set in advance, because the Singapore Government always plans forward. In order to supplement the nation’s falling birth rate, Singapore still aims to admits new Singapore PRs.

No Better Time to Apply!

Many foreigners are hesitant to apply due to the impact of Covid on the Singapore economy and from uncertainties in their employment.With fewer people applying, you actually stand a much higher chance of getting your Singapore PR. There is simply less competition for you!


Now that you can heave a huge sigh of relief about your PR application, The Immigration People share the 3 vital factors that you should include in your PR application to present a more balanced profile.

Though candidates are assessed holistically, without one single deciding factor, these pointers can definitely help!

1. Social Integration Efforts

Participation at clubs, or community events, are great ways of showing social integration. On top of engaging with local charity organizations for volunteer opportunities, you should also join other local community groups and associations, as well as social interest groups where there are opportunities to interact with locals through the art, volunteerism and/or sports.

2. Endorsements from Locals

It is important to have Singaporean or local PR referees for your application. A Singaporean/PR who adds ethnic diversity to your social circle is ideal, as Singapore is a multicultural country. These endorsers can be from colleagues at work, or within your social circle who can attest to your character and show their personal support to your PR application. This helps to exhibit that you are well-assimilated into local society.

3. Professional Achievements

On top of showcasing awards, accolades and professional credentials, you should also demonstrate career growth like salary increment, promotions or training opportunities. This can be shown through a variety of certifications or licenses you have unlocked throughout your career history. These should be aptly and accurately presented in a well written cover letter on your application to differentiate yourself from those vying for the same PR quota.

Meet Some of The Immigration People

K ay Cheong, Director, Senior Immigration Consultant
Kay wants to help the foreigners who love Singapore and wish to call this country home, striving to bring families together here

Elena Kwa Director, Senior Immigration Consultant
Born a Singapore citizen, Elena’s mom is an immigrant. And growing up, Elena witnessed how her mom’s status changing – from WorkPass to PR to citizen – transformed their lives

The Immigration People
WeWork, MYP Centre, 9 Battery Rd, 049910
Tel: 6240 6995
Web: www.tip.com.sg
Email: suppot@tip.com.sg

From The Finder, Issue 303 / Text: Jashleen Kaur, August 2020


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