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A Day Out: Learning Through Play at the Science Centre Singapore

A journey to the west worth making for.

Watching highlights of the White House Science Fair recently made me want to head down to the Science Centre and revisit this popular educational and experiential museum, of sorts. 

Here are some favourite highlights at the attraction. 

Marine Alcove

Science Centre Singapore Photo by Muneerah Bee

Ever wondered what lies deep in the ocean? This exhibit has aquariums for an up-close look at fish, corals and a Moray eel. I love observing the Porcupinefish (pictured) and its sharp spines. 


Science Centre Singapore Photo by Muneerah Bee

There’s a water park (where you’ll learn about water conservation, and weather monitoring devices) so you might want to bring a change of clothes for your kids.

Human Body Experience 

Science Centre Singapore Photo by Muneerah Bee

This temporary exhibition lets you enter the human body and take a walk through the human anatomy, and get to know the different organs, muscles and systems and how they function. (Not recommended for children under five and separate admission tickets required for this exhibition.)

Earth: Our Untamed Planet

Science Centre Singapore Photo by Muneerah Bee

The main draw into this exhibition is getting to experience a typhoon and earthquake with the stimulators (pictured). Hold on tight! 


Science Centre Singapore Photo by Muneerah Bee

But of course, how can we learn about Science by just staying indoors? This garden serves as an outdoor laboratory with different areas showcasing a variety of plants. They are largely left as nature intended so you might find some pests and animals (maybe even a snake) among them. There’s also an awesome treehouse your kids will love! 

Kinetic Garden

Science Centre Singapore Photo by Muneerah Bee

Located just outside the entrance to the Science Centre, this is no ordinary outdoor playground. Scientific principles are incorporated to help kids learn as they play. 

Animal Zone 

Science Centre Singapore Photo by Muneerah Bee

Pop by here and say hello to the African pygmy hedgehog, India star tortoise, and Madagascar hissing cockroaches in this section. And if you’re lucky, you might just get to watch a chick hatch out of an egg (pictured)! Confession: I look forward to this the most every time I visit. 

The Science Centre Singapore has a reputation for being a place for kids, but adults will have plenty of fun and learn new things along the way too! It’s a pretty big place with a lot of things to look at and explore, so you might want to set a side a good chunk of the day if you intend to visit. Click here for a rough estimate of the time you’d need for each exhibition. 

They also have presentations and shows and you should definitely try to catch the Tesla Coil Show at the Atrium where lightning arcs are created by using a Tesla Coil. Electrifying! 

And don’t worry about getting hungry,  you can get food inside the venue at the little cafe. 

Science Centre Singapore Photo by Muneerah Bee

You should also find time for the Centre’s sister attractions; Snow City, Omni-Theatre, and KidsSTOP to make the most out of your visit to the west.

Science Centre Singapore is located at 15 Science Centre Road. 

By Muneerah Bee, May 2016 

Photos by Muneerah Bee

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