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Serangoon Gardens: Things to Do + Where to Eat, Drink and Shop

From British Officers’ enclave to lush and rustic neighbourhood, here’s what to expect from the charming Serangoon Gardens estate!

Cafes, boutique shops and quaint restaurants. Yes, we’re talking Serangoon Gardens

The charming, eclectic, and vibrant vibes that make up the Serangoon Gardens estate makes this destination a go-to place for chill cafes, fun activities and indulgent shopping. Boasting a wide variety of cuisines and eateries, as well as many facilities and amenities for the many residents in the area, Serangoon Gardens can easily fill your day up with things to do, eat, drink and shop here.

Whether it is trendy cafes selling durian mousse, traditional hawker centres serving up locals’ favourites, or air-conditioned malls boasting unique shops, there is much to be done here in Serangoon Gardens.

Read on to find out what you can do in this estate which used to house affluent British Officers in the nation’s formative years.

Things to do in Serangoon Gardens

1. Go cafe-hopping


Whether you’re looking for some decadent cakes, quirky-flavoured ice creams, or just a cuppa, you won’t need to look too far when you are in Serangoon Gardens. Gracing the various rows of shophouses are many cafes – from the aesthetic to the minimalist – serving coffee, tea, pastries and desserts to residents and visitors. If you’re looking to go cafe-hopping, definitely check out this estate’s offerings. There’s Kooks Creamery’s ice cream, The Plain Jane’s swiss rolls, Oblong’s ice cream waffles and Apollo Coffee Bar’s brews. Perfect for a day out with your bestie!

2. Stroll down charming streets


Birdport Avenue, Huddington Avenue, Cooling Close – yes, these streets can be found at no other than Serangoon Gardens. With dozens of cool-sounding and uniquely-named streets – from the estate’s history as a British officer’s enclave, you’ll find something new around every turn. Why not take a leisurely stroll down these streets and immerse yourself in Serangoon Garden’s heritage? Psst… you might find some hidden cafes and parks around too. While many roads are lined with houses, many others hold new places and landmarks for you to discover!

3. Sweat it out with squash or tennis


Itching for some action? Before you think of grabbing that racquet, remember to book your courts first! Located in the hearts of the charming estate is the ActiveSG Burghley Squash and Tennis Centre. Open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., come here to sweat it out with friends and family before you hit the cafes and restaurants in the area. Even with four tennis courts and six squash courts, do book your slots early to avoid disappointment! 

4. Relax at Serangoon Gardens Country Club


With an olympic-sized swimming pool, a bowling alley with 10 lanes, a darts lounge, and a wide selection of dining and entertainment options, it’s easy to lose track of time when you’re here at the Serangoon Gardens Country Club. Established on 29 April 1955 by Mr. S. C. Macey and some residents of Serangoon Gardens, majority of the club’s first members were British servicemen who enjoyed gathering at the Club for soccer and hockey matches or a game of billiards, darts, bridge or tombola. Today, it is a family-friendly destination for Singaporeans and expats from all walks of life. Sitting on 22,684 square metres of prime land stretching from the junction of Hemsley Avenue to Kensington Park Road, the Club is an icon of heritage to the area and of pride to 4,000 members who now come from all corners of Singapore.

5. Get artsy at Art Speaks Studio


Wanna get artsy? Come on down to Art Speak Studio to immerse yourself in a day full of fun, creativity, and of course, art! With programmes specially tailored to both children and adults, there truly is something for everyone here. Kids can express their creativity and be inspired by art through classes with peers from their age group. Parents can also join in the fun with art jamming sessions, charcoal drawing lessons, and even experimental art. Workshops — now held both online and in-person — here aim to provide a relaxing environment where children are able to get creative and make sense of the world, while giving adults the opportunity to reconnect with themselves through the process of art-making. 

6. Pamper your little one


Nope, we aren’t talking about the pesky little ones who draws on walls. Here, your pets get the special treatment too. Time for a good grooming sesh? Try out the Animal Arts Academy – which wants to provide the best care for your pet — or the Wholesome Paws Salon – which provides low-stress, cage-free grooming for your furkids. Then pick up a new chew toy or some treats over at Pet Lover’s Centre or Pets’ Station. Oh, and why not take a walk around Chartwell Drive Park or Tavistock Avenue Park, then end it off at the many pet-friendly cafes (scroll down for more!). Seems like Serangoon Gardens really has something for the whole family!

Where to eat and drink in Serangoon Gardens

1. Chomp Chomp and Serangoon Garden Food Centre


Chomp Chomp Food Centre has probably been on every Singaporean’s list of supper places. For many years, it has been a bustling hangout, showcasing multiple food stalls & restaurants with a variety of street eats. Whether it is satay, grilled chicken wings, sugarcane towers, or BBQ seafood, you’ll be spoiled for choice at this opened-till-late food centre. Don’t miss their hawker classics like Hokkien Mee or Fried Carrot Cake. And, located right opposite from Chomp Chomp, the Serangoon Gardens Market & Food Centre is another worthy contender for your next meal. It might not be as bustling as Chomp Chomp but it still houses some delicious eats. Long queues are always found at some stalls like Ah Seng Braised Duck Rice or the Garden Street Kway Chap. With its recently-completed renovation, there’s no better time to give this hawker centre a try!

Chomp Chomp Food Centre
Address: 20 Kensington Park Rd., 557269
Tel: N/A
Operating Hours: Hours vary with stalls (typically 5 p.m. to 12 a.m.)

Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre
Address: 49A Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555945
Tel: N/A
Operating Hours: Hours vary with stalls (typically from morning till night)

2. Nic & Tom Eatery


Nic & Tom Eatery is founded by two young and ambitious second-generation F&B owners – Nicholas Lim and Tommy Pang. Despite their young age, both Nic and Tom have a wealth of experience in the F&B industry. They had often helped out at their Dad’s store, Bai Nian and from there, have innovated many new dishes which they personally love and would like to share with others. Expect local classics with a twist here, like the Cheese Seafood Beehoon ($9.90), Pig Leg Mee Sua ($6.90), or their famous one-bowl-per-person Tuckshop Rice ($1.90) which is a throwback for many Singaporeans. End off with desserts like Creme Brûlée ($3.90) or a brownie ($4.90)!

Nic & Tom Eatery
Address: 55 Serangoon Garden Way, 555951
Tel: 6789 9696
Operating Hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (daily)

3. R.K. Eating House


Besides being a popular supper spot for the north-easties and a classic hangout spot for residents, R.K. Eating House also serves up some of the best prata and Indian food in the country. It’s prime location in the heart of Serangoon Gardens makes this place difficult to miss. The iconic green signboard, towering tissue prata plates, and their fragrant curry scent makes this a must-try restaurant when you’re around the area. Menu items include egg prata, cheese prata, garlic naan, murtabak with cheese and sardines, and even a pizza prata. Oh, and before we forget – they are opened 24 hours a day too.

R.K. Eating House
Address: 1 Kensington Park Rd., 557253
Tel: 6289 5379
Operating Hours: 24 hours (daily)

4. Hanwoori Korean Restaurant


“Authentic Korean restaurant with a heart” – that is what Hanwoori Korean Restaurant exudes. With the boss and chef themselves from coming from Korea, you can be sure to expect only the most authentic dining experience here — from the hearty side dishes to the comforting stews and savoury meats. We heard that main courses comes with 10 different side dishes. Banchan for the win! Choose from dishes like Bulgogi ($15), Kkori-Gomtang ($16; Oxtail Soup) or Jajangmyeon ($18), and don’t miss their sides for sharing such as Kimchijeun ($12; Kimchi Pancake (M)) or the classic Tteokbokki ($15). Their wide selection of Korean liquor and spirits makes this restaurant a great hangout spot too!

Hanwoori Korean Restaurant
Address: 76, Serangoon Garden Way, 555972
Tel: 6283 6339
Operating Hours: 11.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. to 10 p.m. (Mon., Thu. to Sat.) / 11.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. to 9 p.m. (Wed.) / 5.30 p.m. to 8 p.m. (Sun.) / Closed on Tuesdays

5. Chū And Co


Speaking of cafes, Chū and Co is not to be missed. Alfresco seating, fresh daily bakes, backyard gardens – these are what you can expect from this quant cafe. It truly is a wonderful spot to spend a whole afternoon over a cuppa, or a perfect stop for your morning caffeine fix. But be warned! Many bakes and menu items sell out less than a few hours after opening. So why not start your day with a Breakfast Brioche paired with a Earl Grey Lavender Tea infused with Rose Petals, or even an Avocado Tartine and a Flat White? Then pick up some bread and pastries for you afternoon snack. And the best thing? The outdoor areas are pet-friendly!

Chū and Co
Address: 15 Lichfield Rd., 556835
Tel: 8874 7615
Operating Hours: 8.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Fri. to Tue.) / Closed on Wed. and Thu.

6. Sun Ray Cafe


Few other cafes in Singapore are perhaps as pet-friendly and as welcoming as Sun Ray Cafe. Located along Brighton Crescent and away from the busy Serangoon Garden circle, this nostalgic cafe serves up hand-roasted coffee, masterfully-cooked mains and even nutritious pet treats, all at affordable prices. The popular Sun Ray’s Big Breakfast goes for $12.00 here, and other menu items include a Breakfast BLT Burger ($10), French Toast ($8) using homemade brioche, Mushroom & Nori Pasta ($10), and also Bread and Butter Pudding ($5) among many others. For the furkids, there are Doggie Muffins ($3), Pet Scrambled Eggs ($2) and even a Doggie Birthday Cake ($20 or $25 for 300 grams; pre-order required). 

*Please note that Sun Ray Cafe is temporarily closed until further notice.

Sun Ray Cafe
Address: 79/81 Brighton Crescent, 559218
Tel: 8874 7615
Operating Hours: 8.30 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Tue. to Mon.) / Closed on Wednesdays 



iSTEAKS, to many, is a steakhouse that is affordable and convenient. With more than 10 years of experience serving great tasting steak and delivering quality service, this restaurant is now a people’s favourite with five outlets across the island. From the seasoned grill, diners can choose between beef, chicken, pork, lamb or fish. Here, a NZ Ribeye goes for $22 (for 200 grams), and the AU T-Bone goes for $39 (for 400 grams). If you’re not a fan of beef steaks, try out their grilled chicken done in many styles, their pork steaks, or even their pastas. Each grill speciality also includes two complements (or sides), such as mac and cheese, crunchy potato salad, garlic butter eggplant, or country baked beans among others.  

Address: #02-03 MyVillage, 1 Maju Avenue, 556679
Tel: 6285 8839
Operating Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. (daily)

8. The Açaí Collective


Açaí has taken teenagers and youths in Singapore by storm in the recent years. What sets The Açaí Collective (TAC) apart from most of the other brands is its belief in using unsweetened organic Açaí and frozen bananas for the Açaí base, topped off with fresh fruits, grains and seeds. This way, customers are assured that their daily serving of Açaí is all natural goodness, and 100-percent sugar free! The most popular topping – granola, is house-baked with pure Canadian grade-A maple syrup. The menu here includes the classic Açaí Collective ($8.50), a Buckini Bowl ($9.50), the Acerola Mango ($9.50) and many more.

The Açaí Collective
Address: #01-08 MyVillage, 1 Maju Avenue, 556679
Tel: 6285 8839
Operating Hours: 10.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. (daily)

Where to shop in Serangoon Gardens

1. Dlush Singapore


Looking to change up your wardrobe? Want to add in some colour and vibrancy? Or just itching for some retail therapy? Well, Dlush Singapore may be where you would want to go. Carrying a plethora of tops, bottoms, dresses and other accessories, no two pieces are alike here. New arrivals are introduced into the store regularly (sometimes twice a week!) so you don’t have to worry about wearing the same thing as someone else you meet on the streets. In contrast to fast fashion and mass-produced apparels, Dlush’s clothes are unique and utmost care is given to each piece. Follow their socials (@dlushsg) to be updated about new arrivals!

Dlush Singapore
Address: #01-02 MyVillage, 1 Maju Avenue, 556679
Tel: 8778 1855
Operating Hours: To be advised

2. Hyggerium


Hygge is a Danish term for a “quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” And “-rium” simply refers to a place. This is how the shop got its name as Hyggerium — meaning cozy place. With unique products from around the world, together with creations from local designers, it aims to bring the unique gifts and lifestyle products to all of its customers. Also at Millennia Walk, Cluny Court, and Westgate, this quirky and unique lifestyle products shop will have things you never thought you needed. From a Youtiao plush ($25.90) to a Park Coupon Tissue Packet Holder ($9.90) and even intricate 3-D Puzzles (from $13.90), find something new every time at Hyggerium!

Address: #01-21 MyVillage, 1 Maju Avenue, 556679
Tel: 8444 9399
Operating Hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.



Indostop Singapore is the country’s the most complete Indonesian grocery store, bringing to customers a wide range of exciting and authentic Indonesian products. It distributes and carries a wide range of products from established and popular brands in Indonesia. Examples include Ny.Siok, Kusuka, Munik, Tolak Angin, and FreshCare. If you’re missing those Bali beaches or Jakarta’s bustle, why not transport yourself back to Indonesia here? Indonesians can also enjoy a familiar taste of home here!

Address: #B1-11 MyVillage, 1 Maju Avenue, 556679
Tel: 6737 0976
Operating Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

4. 101 Caffe’


Selling quality affordable coffee in all forms such as pods, Nespresso®, and Dolce Gusto Capsules, beans, and ground coffee – all from the independent Italian coffee artisans – 101 Caffe’ carries the widest range of coffee in Singapore. Get the right consistency and flavour in your coffee shot and espresso with the beans from here. For the coffee lover in you, the shop carries quality brands with premium blends which follow age-old Italian recipes handed down generations, delivering the perfect taste for your coffee needs. A bag of 500 grams of coffee beans start at $27.90 here. Find your perfect blend according to the intensity, roast and types here! 

101 Caffe’ 
Address: #01-07 MyVillage, 1 Maju Avenue, 556679
Tel: 6909 7709
Operating Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

By Derrick Tan, June 2021

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