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Discover How This Uniquely BOUTIQUE International School Is Shaking Up Education In Singapore

Imagine being a primary student, on your second day back to school for Term 3, and watching dinosaurs come alive right before your eyes. 

That’s exactly what happened for students at The Grange Institution!

In collaboration with BBC Earth and the exciting live arena show Walking with Dinosaurs – The Live Experience, students had the opportunity to see a life-sized baby Tyrannosaurus Rex in motion, as it roamed the hall on school premises, as well as those of sister preschools Kinderland and ELFA.

Fueled by Creativity

As a school that encourages students to think creatively and to take ownership of their learning, The Grange Institution used this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the theme of dinosaurs further through visual learning.

Back in the classroom, teachers used different methods to spark the students’ curiosity and ask questions. Then, the students conduct their own research to find the answers to the questions, before presenting their findings to other students in the class. Facilitated by teachers, the whole class then verifies the information and learns together.

“By seeking out answers themselves, it allows our students to be independent and take charge of their learning, and encourages them to fact-check,” says Ronald Stones OBE, Director of Schools.

For example, students used key mathematical skills to mark out the length of the dinosaurs to visualise their usually enormous size. Students also learned about biology by researching how these reptilian ancestors sounded and looked like, and even learned how palaeontologists retrieve dinosaur bones out from the ground.

“They were so encouraged, they began to dig around the campus, convinced that they could find dinosaur bones if they dug deep enough!” says Ronald Stones OBE, Director of Schools.

A Unique Curriculum

You might be wondering how The Grange Institution incorporates this type of one-off event into the existing curriculum.

Well, instead of implementing the theme they had chosen previously for the term, the school and its staff were encouraged by their students’ passion and continued interests in dinosaurs, and chose to supplement and guide their students’ learning in this topic for subsequent weeks.

This is distinct to The Grange Institution, as its Inquiry-based Curriculum allows the school to be flexible in choosing themes for their students, and offers them new experiences.

“We try to build certain routines in school, but use different opportunities, like this event, to teach our students to think out of the box,” says Ronald Stones OBE, Director of Schools.

Interested to find out more? Contact the team at The Grange Institution today to learn more about its curriculum or take a school tour!

The Grange Institution
449 Yio Chu Kang Rd, 805946
Tel: 6817 3630
Web: www.thegrange.edu.sg

By Melodi Ghui, September 2019 

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