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Don’t Know What To Do With CLOTHES You Don’t Want? Check Out These GENIUS Eco-Friendly Ideas In Singapore!

Give your rejected garments a new lease of life!

Sometimes, you need to let go of the old to make way for the new. We’re talking about the old dresses, jeans and tops you have buried deep inside your wardrobe and which haven’t seen the light of day since… God knows how long. They’ve probably gone way out of style so there’s little chance you’re ever going to wear them again. But before you toss them down the chute, know this: There are plenty of meaningful and sustainable ways to empty your wardrobe without things going to waste (or straight to the landfill).

Here’s what to do with the garb you don’t want anymore. Get on it, because trust us, the purging is going to feel good. And you might get to score some discounts, new clothes, brownie points or even cash benefits!

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By  Cheryl Lim, October 2018 / Updated by Muneerah Bee, August 2019

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