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5 Eco-Conscious Practices That Are IRONICALLY Harming The Planet

By now, we’ve had enough alarming news reports to know that we have got to do something about climate change.

The sheer impact of every tiny action — multiplied billions of times over — is getting us hot under the collar (pardon the pun.)

As consumers, we have the potential to make a difference, signaling to manufacturers and industries that products and practices harmful to the planet are no longer acceptable. However, making a real change is not as straightforward as simply switching brands or jumping onto whatever fad is in the latest Treehugger post.

We have to take a closer look at the way we consume, lest we ironically make things worse, as can be the case with these five seemingly ecologically friendly practices that may actually be harming the planet.

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By Chip Chen, October 2019 / Photos:  Shutterstock/Instagram/Twitter

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