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5 Essentials For ORGANISING Your Work-From-Home Zone In Singapore


Is your study/dining room/bedroom looking a little messy during this WFH situation?

We get it. But, organisation is key to productivity — when everything has its own place, you won’t have to waste time looking for things, or worse, lose them.

So, we’ve rounded up some handy organisers to help you get your documents and electronics in order… no matter where you’re working these days. (While you’re at it, try these easy hacks to boost your WFH efficiency to meet your #workgoals.)

1. LENNART Drawer unit

Get your documents in order with this drawer unit. Each of the three compartments provides ample space for all your work necessities and can be pulled out for easy access.

The LENNART Drawer unit retails for $19.90 at all Ikea stores and at www.ikea.com/sg.

2. Scandinavian Cable Management Box

Stow messy cables away in this cable management box. It’s big enough to hide an extension board in, and has multiple openings for your charging wires – all concealed beneath a sleek white-and-wood colour scheme.

The Scandinavian cable management box retails for $19.80 at www.styledegree.sg.

3. Bluelounge CableBin

The BlueLounge CableBin is designed for extensive cable management, providing a place not only for extension boards but also larger electronics like your router. It comes with adhesive hooks that can be attached to the inside for hanging surge protectors and routers too.

The BlueLounge CableBin retails for $116.10 at www.hipvan.com.

4. Hammock Large Organiser

Keep your desk clutter free with The Hammock Large Organiser by putting away all your little knick knacks into the four pockets. The best part? The pockets are made in a microfiber fabric with a suede-like finish looks great and will protect the items you store in it.

The Hammock Large Organiser retails for $36.90 at www.hipvan.com

5. KNAGGLIG box pine

The KNAGGLIG box pine is the perfect solution for those bulkier items you may have on your desk. The handles makes it really easy to pull out and lift, making it a perfect portable solution to keeping your desk organised.

The KNAGGLIG box pine retails for $9.90 at all Ikea stores and at www.ikea.com/sg.

By Melody Bay, Text adapted from Home & Decor / Additional Reporting: Sara Lyle Bow, April 2020 / Updated by Jashleen Kaur, August 2020


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