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#FinderSGFaves 2019: Find Out Why This Event Organiser In Singapore Has Been So SUCCESSFUL

As a member of the student council in junior college and university, Kent Teo had to organise many events, which piqued his interest in potentially doing that professionally someday.

After much persuasion by his then-girlfriend, now-wife Jasmine, he even participated in his college’s flea market. This experience, plus his love of flea markets and selling his own handmade goods, encouraged Kent to organise flea markets in 2010 in the form of a partnership, then kick-start and register Invade in 2014.

Read more about founder and CEO of Invade, Kent, here!

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By Sara Lyle Bow, Muneerah Bee, Melodi Ghui + Christopher Ong Ujine, The Finder Issue 300, September 2019 

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