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Everyone’s Freaking Out Over The PlayStation 4.5 and Here’s What You Should Know About It

Will there be a PlayStation 4.5?!

After 3 years of the PlayStation 4’s basking in its own glory, word on the street is that Sony’s about to release an enhanced console – wait for it – the PlayStation 4.5. 

Sony hasn’t so much as confirmed the existence of this upgrade, let alone released any official statement about the PlayStation 4.5, but did they really think they could keep this secret from the world? Apparently, Sony’s already got prototype devices in their R&D labs, so

Codenamed “Neo”, here’s what you need to know about it. 

You can play games at ultra high resolution. 

The PS4.5 will be able to run games at a 4k resolution – that’s far superior to the PS4’s 1080p (okay, so the PS4 can technically run 4k video footage, but it can’t handle interactive games at that crisp a resolution). That means crisper visuals, a wider colour gamut, and in short, a spell-binding, immersive gaming experience. 

Lag? What lag? 

We won’t get too deep into the numbers and technicalities, but trust us when we say that the PS4.5 boasts much higher processing power and faster speeds. This’ll not only better handle the higher resolution, but also provide much smoother play. 

Existing PS4 users have nothing to worry about. 

Moving forward, there nonetheless will not be any games designed exclusively for the PS4.5, and all games will work across both versions.  

Games created for the new hardware might feature enhanced graphics and other additional bonuses when played on the PS4.5, but game-wise, there won’t be anything the PS4.5 will enjoy that the PS4 can’t. 

Similarly, all existing hardware such as controllers, and gamepads will work on the PS4.5. 

It’s coming soon! 

By the end of the calendar year, sources seem to concur. 

The general belief is that the PS4.5 will retail at US$399, some $50 more expensive than the PS4. 

By Pinky Chng, April 2016

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