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Everything You Need To Know About The Year Of The Rooster And Chinese Astrology: Explained

If you’re wondering why there’s a gigantic rooster – and thousands of little ones – in the heart of Chinatown in Singapore, it’s because it’s the year of the Fire Rooster in the lunar calendar.

What even is that? Fengshui master Clarice Chan explains.

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Meet the Yin Fire Rooster

In addition to the 12 animal signs used in Chinese astrology, there are 5 Elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

The elements representing each year are considered to be very important, as they can give valuable information relating to the economy, health, finance and relationships.

This year’s Yin Fire Rooster is “ruled” by both Fire and Metal.

Metaphysically, this Fire sitting on top of the Metal can be seen as Fire burning Metal, which is a destructive relationship under the law of the 5 Elements.

While some may look at this destructive state and term it as an inauspicious year, it’s not entirely true. According to the law of the 5 Elements, Metal is a wealth element for the Fire Element, and it can be seen here as making the Metal useful. Therefore, the good news is that 2017 will have a good possibility of success, productivity and prosperity.

Love and the Rooster

The male Rooster is usually romantic and enjoys being the centre of attention; he tends to be very sociable and completely at ease in the company of women.

But these men also have a sensitive side. Their egos can get hurt easily and when this happens, they may sulk for long periods of time.

Sometimes called the Chicken sign, the female Rooster is generally fun, loving and loyal. As she has the natural protective instincts of a mother, she will likely be caring and doting to the ones she loves.

The female Rooster prefers a man that she can respect. As a spouse or lover, she is known to do anything to protect her relationship.

Little Roosters

Babies born in the calendar year after 11:36 p.m. of February 3, 2017, will belong to the Yin Fire Rooster sign.

Children born under the Yin Fire Rooster sign are described as gentle, soft spoken and elegant. They are generally kind, patient, considerate and caring, and beneath their soft surface, can be brave and thorough.

On the other hand, they can also be fickle and emotional.

As the Yin Fire Rooster sign carries both the Academic and Nobleman stars, these children will be very intelligent and lovable.

By Clarice Georgia Victoria Chan, The Finder, January 2017

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