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Expatpreneur Awards 2018: Photographing Her Newborn Baby Gave Junko Addicks A Different Perspective On Motherhood In Singapore

You could say motherhood changed Junko’s life in more ways than one.

Even as her life revolved around her two young daughters, the former accountant in Tokyo’s venture capitalism industry, realised she missed the sense of accomplishment that work gave her.

“I enjoy raising our children, of course, but I also felt that I wanted to do something more. One day when I was breastfeeding my baby, I noticed my reflection in her eye. I took a picture of it and suddenly realised that I could have a view unique to a mother. So, I started MamaRazzi to provide high-quality pictures through a mother’s eyes,” says Junko, who moved to SG with her family in 2013.

In 2014, she launched MamaRazzi photo studio to specialise in maternity, baby and family photography. “My love of photographing my daughters is what developed into MamaRazzi. Now, I have much less time and even sleepless nights. But I have the power to go on because I like what I do.

“In the future, I want our daughters to find something they love and can work hard on to make themselves and others happy too,” says Junko, voicing the wish of caring, successful mumpreneurs, everywhere.

Find out more about Junko and MamaRazzi here.


About The Finder Expatpreneur Awards
In 2017, The Finder debuted its first-ever Expatpreneur Awards to honour foreign-born entrepreneurs running successful expat-owned businesses in or from Singapore. This 2018, a new batch of 23 Expatpreneur Awardees have been unveiled! All of them have one thing in common: Their brands help people “live well in Singapore” – The Finder’s core mission. (Find out more about the Expatpreneur Awards judge who coined the term “expat-preneur” in 2015 while you’re here!)


By Sushmita Mohapatra and Savitha Venugopal, The Finder Issue 292

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