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Expatpreneur eAwards 2020: How Pay-it-Forward Award Winner Samina Malik Changes The Lives Of Women

“I was bullied for my nose at school,” recalls U.K. expat Samina, who says her darker skin tone compared to her Indian-Pakistani relatives as well as her “stubby” figure and short stature all ended up making her feel very insecure as a girl.

That all changed “one magical day” when she got a makeover at a cosmetics counter.

“When I saw myself in the mirror, I felt more confident,” she says. “I decided to become a makeup artist that day.” Fast forward to a stint in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and growing family, which now includes four children, ranging in age from 9 to 18 years. Samina says fellow mothers kept asking her to help them apply their makeup.

“The first thing I said to them was, ‘Can I see your makeup?’” Realising they didn’t have the right products or formulas, Samina would go shopping with them before helping them to apply their makeup. It inspired her to create her own business niche: makeup coaching.

Once her family relocated to SG eight years ago, she saw that women here had similar concerns, especially newcomers adapting to the island’s tropical environment. And after endorsing other company’s products to clients for more than a decade, Samina launched her Sceptr Cosmetics brand, now known for its long-lasting formulas and cruelty-free products.

Her commitment to helping women boost their self-confidence has never wavered. That, along with the proceeds she has donated during Covid to “flatten the curve”, is what led her to receive this year’s Pay-it-Forward Award.

About The Finder Expatpreneur Awards
In 2017, The Finder debuted its first-ever Expatpreneur Awards to honour foreign-born entrepreneurs running successful expat-owned businesses in or from Singapore. In 2019, 22 expats were awarded for their tremendous dedication. This 2020, a new batch of 19 winners has been unveiled! All of them have one thing in common: Their brands help people “live well in Singapore” – The Finder’s core mission.

By Jashleen Kaur, The Finder Issue 303

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