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Family BONDING Special: How Diverse Parents In Singapore Make Memories With Their Children

Read about the family bonding activities from these 18 diverse families.

On this cover story of The Finder Kids Volume 29, these 18 diverse families share their family bonding methods, how they create meaningful moments and lasting memories in Singapore.

Warning: You may experience warm fuzzies – and get lots of inspiration!

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Bonding Before Birth 

Here are 4 helpful hints for families to feel closer to their not-yet-born babe, from a certified doula, Kong Choon Yen.

“When parents interact with their little one in the womb, the foetus will feel safe and secure. These experiences cultivate a relationship with the people interacting with them, which stimulates the baby’s brain development and promotes growth,”

explains Kong Choon Yen, who founded Birth Discovery in 2011 to educate expectant parents about the Hypnobirthing method. Here are her top tips to help unborn babies feel that parental love.

1) Talk to Your Baby
Speaking to your unborn baby gives them a chance to receive love via sound vibrations. Tell her a story, read him a book or share about your day.

2) Surround Them with Music
When parents sing to their unborn baby, they create a joyful connection. In addition, playing uplifting or relaxing music that the mother loves will help to stimulate her endorphins that will strengthen immunity and regulate the nervous system.

3) Touch Them
Touch is just as important as food and sleep. Appropriate and light touches calm the nervous system, release tension and promote the flow of energy. Tip: It can also reduce the incidence of colic after birth.

4) Playtime!
Use safe objects that are slightly heated or cold. Or, try to shine a torchlight on the womb. These stimulate the brain circuits that, in turn, can cultivate a good foundation for future learning.



About Kong Choon Yen
Yen is a mother of two boys, an International Best-selling Author and a Birth Expert. Through Birth Discovery, she guides expectant couples in childbirth education with the Hypnobirthing method as a Certified Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator, providing family bonding advice for young families. Yen believes that all babies should into this world calm, healthy, joyful and complete.

By Kirstie-mae Baptist, Jashleen Kaur and Willaine G. Tan. Volume 29 The Finder Kids.

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