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10 Feng Shui BEDROOM Tips To Improve Your Marriage


Not feeling the love in the bedroom these days?

Turns out, feng shui can help keep that romance alive by optimising the energy in your bedroom.

“It’s not just about the physical presentation of the room and the accessories in it,” according to Laura Cerrano, a New York-based feng shui consultant. As is common in feng shui, she says, “It’s important to have an emotional connection that aligns your intentions with your heart, allowing yourself to open up and feel the energy of the room.”

She shared some tried-and-true strategies for improving the energy of a bedroom to bring luck and prosperity into your married life in this Year of the Rat (but especially during the extended circuit breaker!).

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By Natalya Molok, text adapted from The Singapore Women’s Weekly, January 2020 / Images from Pinterest unless otherwise noted

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