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Boost Your FERTILITY Chances With These DIY Home Treatment Options

We spoke to our consulted team of professionals on home D.I.Y. ways to increase fertility chances.

Looking to increase your pregnancy chances? Here’s a list of useful fertility home treatment tips from our experts that may just help you out.

In our infertility story of The Finder Kids Volume 29, our consulted team of professionals also shared some fertility home treatment tips. Learn about our list of home-friendly D.I.Y. ways to increase fertility chances below!

Non-Invasive Home D.I.Y. Treatments To Boost Fertility

1. Regular sexual intercourse

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Dr. Kelly Loi, Medical Director and Fertility Specialist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital Fertility Centre, recommends this at least two or three times a week during a woman’s fertile period.

2. Healthy diet and lifestyle

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“It’s essential to observe a healthy diet and lifestyle, exercising regularly and avoiding smoking, alcohol and other toxins – and this advice applies to both males and females,” says Dr. Kelly Loi. Dr. Stefanie Liau, a TCM practitioner, also stressed the importance of having a balanced and nutritious diet. High-quality proteins, vegetables, carbohydrates and good polyunsaturated oil like olive oil are some examples. Fertility Massage Specialist, Angelia Ng from Babies Bliss, also recommends that women try this list of drinks to help alleviate stress and improve one’s well being.

Try Dr. Stefanie Liau’s Three Beans Soup

Ingredients: Red bean, soybean and black bean 10g each, 4 dried longans and 3 dried red dates

Method: Wash the ingredients and soak the beans overnight. Remove the seeds of the red dates and cut them into strips. Drain the water used to soak the beans and replace it with fresh filtered water. Bring it to a boil. Once boiled, simmer until the beans turn soft. Finally, add in the longans and red dates, let simmer for another 5-10 minutes.

Benefits: Soybeans contain Soy flavours that have weak estrogen-like action. Black beans nourish the kidneys, red beans prevent anemia and longan contains iron, vitamins and glucose which helps in ovary development and balance progesterone secretion. Longan also helps to nourish qi and promote good sleep. Red dates nourish the spleen and stomach, helping the body in the absorption of progesterone.

Exercises like yoga, walking, jogging, swimming, pilates, taijiqi-gong (whatever your preferences) are also helpful. The key is consistency. “Exercise can definitely help in maintaining general good health, boost the immune system and increase the quality of eggs and sperms.” says Dr. Stefanie Liau.

3. Take folate or folic acid

supplements folic acid fertility home treatments

Experts We Consulted

Dr. Kelly Loi, Medical Director at Mount Elizabeth Hospital Fertility Centre. Dr. Loi has 20-plus years of obstetrics and gynaecology experience at Mount Elizabeth Hospital Fertility Centre; specialises in In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment.

Dr. Stefanie Liau, TCM Physician at Thomson Chinese Medicine and at-home treatments. Since 2015, she has specialised in TCM infertility treatment and gynaecology, pain management, ophthalmology and paediatric massage at Thomson Chinese Medicine (9818 8255).

Dr. Sebastian Liew, Founder of Leaf to Life. The first Asian-Western medical herbalist in SG who has more than 20 years of experience.

Angelia Ng, Owner of Babies Bliss. She has 20 years of experience; specialises in alternative fertility therapy at Babies Bliss, such as Certified Fertility Massage Specialist and Fertility Strengthening (FSM) Massage.

By Willaine G. Tan for The Finder Kids Volume 29 / Additional Reporting: Sara Lyle Bow / Photos: 123RF.com.

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