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Find Out How To Get Fit Based On Your Workout Personality

What’s your workout personality?

Believe it or not, there have been studies showing a correlation between your personality type and exercise preference.

One such study was conducted by James Gavin, Ph.D., a professor of applied human sciences at Concordia University in Montreal. This is what he found about each of the seven core personality types:

1. Social

This personality trait enjoys the company of others. Some exercises recommended are group training workouts and dance classes.

2. Spontaneous

The study found that those who love unpredictability will enjoy activities such as mountain biking, inline skating and racquet sports.

3. Internally motivated

Those with high levels of determination and willpower will find cardio conditioning, running and weight training to be enjoyable.

4. Aggressive

People with forceful personalities will do well with group training classes, racquet sports and weight training.

5. Competitive

If you enjoy outdoing others, some activities to try are swimming, cycling, running, and other team sports.

6. Focused

A focused individual finds it easy to be mentally absorbed in one activity. They would excel in activities such as tai chi, yoga, and golfing.

7. Risk-seeking

Adrenaline junkies love adventurous sports. Some activities they can look into are mountain biking, cross country skiing, and martial arts classes.

Here are some tips to pick workout plans that are right for you:

1. Getting the right fit

When it comes to finding the right fitness acitvity, stop looking at what works for others and listen to your body.

The right exercise should feel fun and make you feel accomplished after a workout session. For instance, running or weight training might be an effective weight loss solution for someone else, but if those activities fill you with dread, it is best to find other alternatives. If you lack motivation or feel you are being forced into an activity you don’t enjoy, you will be so much more inclined to jump at any excuse to miss a sport.

2. Trial and error

Don’t rush your decision to pick a workout. Give yourself a two-week trial period to try out different exercises before settling on the ones you enjoy.

Factor in what works best for you in terms of location, timing, and rapport with the group or trainer.

Reassess your fitness goals regularly to see how you can boost your progress further. Listen to your body and adjust your fitness activity as you deem fit.

3. Don’t forget the convenience factor

Picking an exercise you enjoy is only half the battle won. The other important thing to consider is how effectively you can fit exercise into your schedule. 

Location and timing are important factors that will set you up for success. Think about your current schedule and when you can realistically fit in sessions on a regular basis.

4. Get a workout partner

Humans are social animals, some more so than others. Working out with a friendly face may kick up the fun factor a few notches.

Having a workout partner can motivate you and help you to stay in a positive mindset. If not, working with a trainer can have an equally good result as he or she can coach you, answer your questions, and keep you motivated.

By Hafiz Rasid, The Straits Times, 28 March 2016

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