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Finding Out What Works: When Your Child Has To Go GLUTEN-FREE In Singapore – By Expat Neena Sagar

Neena Sagar – whose daughter, Neiha, was diagnosed with Celiac disease as a toddler – has been there, done that.

“I am a mother of three children and my only daughter – and middle child – Neiha, was extremely clingy before diagnosis. She was moody, too, as I have since found that sufferers of Celiac disease do feel unwell all the time with intense abdominal pains,” shares Neena, who says Neiha suffered from loose stools and wasn’t thriving physically. Despite the fact that it was difficult to pinpoint exactly what was wrong back then, Neena trusted her instincts, as she was “determined to get to the bottom of her problems”.  She also credits finding a gastroenterologist familiar with Celiac disease in making a big difference in managing her daughter’s condition.  “They know the signs, symptoms and management better than anyone.”

This is what Neena recommends to parents going through something similar:

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By Neena Sagar, The Finder Kids Vol. 27 / Images: 123RF.com, respective shops and businesses

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