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Delicious FROZEN Dumplings: 10 Best Brands To Buy In Singapore

Dumplings are easy-to-eat comfort foods that can be stored in the freezer for future use. Here is the list of the best frozen dumplings to add to your cart on your next supermarket trip

Around the world, almost all cultures have their own version of the dumpling. The Chinese have their guo tie or shui jiao, the Japanese with their gyoza and, of course, the Polish with their pierogi. Dumplings are universally loved, and packed with flavour and nutrition. Making them by hand, while delicious, is especially time consuming. These pre-made frozen dumplings have you the hassle, but taste equally as amazing!

CP Chicken Gyoza

CP Foods, with its distinctive simple logo, sells gyozas, wantons, and even noodle soups, all pre-packed and frozen, ready to consume. The CP Chicken Gyoza ($6.50) tasted the meatiest, thanks to the finely minced chicken wrapped in a crispy yet stretchy skin. The peppery seasoning reminded us of chicken nuggets and siew mai, which we love. They come in packs of 400 grams, or about 20 pieces. That’s 32 cents a piece! You can pan-fry them or steam them, though we recommend the former.

Available on FairPrice Online

CJ Bibigo Pork and Vegetable Gyoza

This distinctive green packaging from CJ Bibigo ($7.40) can probably be found in many household freezers across the country. This versatile dish can be an accompaniment to your meal, or be the main dish as well. When we pan-fried it, the fragrant vegetables complimented well with the savoury pork. In a soup, the dumplings also stayed intact nicely and was not too starchy. Try them for yourselves today.

Available on RedMart and FairPrice Online

LeLe Pork Cabbage Dumplings — Frozen

For those who are actively avoiding chive dumplings, why not try these cabbage dumplings instead? For just $4.00 for 20 pieces, that translates to 20 cents a piece! This is the most value-for-money dumpling you can find. Just remember to defrost it early – as with all other frozen dumplings — as the starchy skin tends to stick to one another. Do expect some dumpling skin to tear and its fillings to leak. But, overall, the taste was still acceptable, and it was really cheap. They also have chicken chive dumplings too.

Available on RedMart

Seawaves Vegetarian “Meat” Dumplings

Another distinctively-green pack of dumplings has got to be Seawaves’ Vegetarian “Meat” Dumpling ($5.95). Yes, this is a vegetarian option with “meat” made up of soya beans and vegetables. This healthier choice is low in oil and free from artificial preservatives, and cholesterol. You can pan-fry, deep-fry, steam, boil, or simply pop them into the microwaves. Meat-lovers may take some time to get pass the veggie-taste, but hey, it’s healthy!

Available on RedMart and FairPrice Online

Ajinomoto Japanese Dumpling — Chicken & Vegetable

This 600g pack is filled with 30 dumplings ($9.90)! Best used for pan-frying, this bag of gyoza will transport you back into the streets of Dotonbori, Osaka (that is if you cook it right!). The crisp skin and juicy filling made it an excellent bite. For those who want a little more texture, opt for their frozen shrimp dumplings and bite into the juicy, crunch shrimp filling.

Available on RedMart and FairPrice Online 

Surasang Korean Kimchi Dumpling

Tired of just pork dumplings with vegetables? Treat yourself to some kimchi dumplings then ($7.35). This crunchy and spicy kimchi dumpling is another vegetarian option to try. Stuffed full with fresh kimchi, the textures and flavours of this dumpling are on another level. We’d recommend pan-frying them to a crisp for the best experience.

Available on RedMart

Crystal Jade Crystal Shrimp Dumpling Har Kau

We all know that har kau (or har gao) is a relatively premium menu item at Dim Sum restaurants. Now, you can steam them at the comfort of your own homes. Craving for that chewy, translucent skin, and crispy, crunchy shrimp? Get Crystal Jade’s frozen har kau today ($13.80). Yes, they count as dumplings too. With only 10 pieces in each box, make sure to savour them.

Available on RedMart and FairPrice Online
Spring Home Vegetable Samosas

Thin skin encasing savoury filling? Yes, samosas are technically dumplings too. This spicy, creamy and crunchy vegetable samosa has been a staple for many families in Singapore ($2.35). Drop them into a fryer, or pop them into an airfryer. The filling is not too spicy and you can still taste the vegetables inside. Just make sure to let them cool down before biting into one.

Available on RedMart

Yongle Soup Xiao Long Bao (Traditional)

Fancy a 1-kilogramme bag of Xiao Long Bao? Look no further! At $16.00, get your money’s worth of XLB and eat till you’re stuffed. Place these frozen dumplings in the steamer for around 7 minutes, and make sure to space them out. No need to thaw them beforehand. Just straight into the steamer, then into your bellies. The soup is not as full as other freshly-made XLBs, but it’s taste does not lose out to others.

Available on RedMart and FairPrice Online

DODO Fish Dumpling

With a 40-year presence in Singapore, DODO offers products from dumplings to cheese tofu, imitation crabmeat and more. Their fish dumplings ($1.95) — a must-have at Lunar New Year steamboats — are a savoury treat. The chewy skin wraps around a creamy fish paste. Remember to add them into your soup one-by-one to prevent them from sticking to each other.

Available on FairPrice Online 

Originally by Rachel Xie, Simply Her, October 2014 / Additional Reporting by Derrick Tan

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