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Fun Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow to Get You Motivated Again

Feeling a little in the funk when it comes to your fitness routine these days? Follow these Instagram accounts to inspire you to get you back on track.  

We all need a little motivation sometimes, and guess what sometimes it’s all right there in your phone! These Instagram accounts will remind you why you need to work towards your health and fitness goals, and move you – literally.

  • For runners


  • For words of motivation

Will’s workout

  • For Yoga enthusiasts 

Jessamyn Stanley

  • For bodybuilders 


  • For workouts you can do by yourself at home

Georgina Poh

  • For workouts and healthy recipes

Jeanette Jenkins

  • For instructional workout videos

Shauna Harrison

  • For workout videos and photos of healthy food

Jasmine Danker

  • For more workout videos

Darren Lim

  • For photos to get you inspired to get the body you want


Ready to get back on track

And if you’re looking to push yourself further, sign up for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2016 on March 13. More details here

Muneerah Bee, February 2016

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