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In GIFs: The Finder Trick-Or-Treat Halloween Hunt 2016 At Cluny Court

Check out these crazy GIFs we created at our Trick-Or-Treat Halloween event at Cluny Court, courtesy of Ubersnap

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Instead of going with the usual static photo booth, shake things up with Ubersnap. If you can’t get enough of those funny GIFs on Facebook, and never met a hologram you didn’t like, you will fall in love with Ubersnap.

Best of all? The Ubersnap team makes everything incredibly easy.


What is Ubersnap?

Ubersnap is a Singapore photo company that can provide an animated GIF-printed booth. It also prints out these GIFs and creates Harry Potter-esque hologram-style photos that move as you tilt them.


How is it done?

Once the Ubersnap team sets up the booth, partygoers just need to stand in front of the camera with props and move, jiggle or dance as the camera captures the motion. They’ll be shown in the clip and, once satisfied, can come back in 10 minutes to pick up the animated prints.


What else?

The GIFs your guests create are instantly shown on a real-time gallery. you can project the gallery on a large screen, too!

Using the Ubersnap mobile app, guests can download a digital copy of the GIF to share on social media or even take their own GIFs.

Companies can also have the GIFs uploaded to their Facebook page in real-time, a valuable feature for digital marketing.

With so many cool features, the Ubersnap experience will certainly have everyone laughing for hours – we were!


To find out more, visit www.ubersnap.com.


From The Finder, November 2016



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