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Go Green: Shop At These ECO-FRIENDLY Labels In Singapore This Earth Day To Do Your Part For The Planet

An unfortunate consequence of today’s mass consumerism lifestyle is that the average consumer has very little knowledge of the true impact of our buying decisions.

It’s a pity but we don’t really know what goes into the product we buy and use. We can only guess at what toll was exacted upon the environment just so we could have those cute slippers with the faux fur trim. And then there’s all that plastic and packaging waste that’s choking our planet to death with every passing second.

But we don’t have to stand idly by. Buying from manufacturers whose practices and beliefs align with ecological, ethical practices is an effective and satisfying way to make sure we are truly doing all we can for our precious planet. We only have the one.

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By Chip Chen and Ho Guo Xiong, April 2019

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