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Going Sports Bra Shopping? Keep THESE Pointers In Mind In Singapore

Is it the right design, does it have the right fit and offer the right support?

Finding the right size for a sports bra is not always as straightforward. Different activities require different fits, depending on whether the sport is low-impact (pilates, yoga), or high-impact (running, boxing). In fact, when a mistake many women make when buying a sports bra is that they buy what feels comfortable – which usually translates to the bra being too loose. And this doesn’t offer sufficient support, according to a source who worked at Lululemon.

The up-and-down and side-to-side movement as you’re working out can leave your breasts, instead of your muscles, sore if not supported well.

We list the sports bras that are right for you and your lifestyle:

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By Claire Soong / Updated by Sandhya Mahadevan, November 2018

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