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Got A Sweet Tooth? Here’s What SUGAR Actually Does to Your Body!

Take a pause when you crave for that sugar rush.

A fizzy drink here, a decadent chocolate muffin there. We often reach out for these sweet treats, but it’s not often we stop to consider the amount of sugar we’re consuming on a daily basis. Our bodies do need a level of sugar intake, but this should come from better natural sources such as fruits and vegetables. Natural sugars in a moderate dose are good for you, but refined sugars are the bad boys we need to keep a beady eye on.

But why?

Fitness and nutrition expert Phil Snowden of Virgin Active, Singapore, tells us exactly why sugar is bad for your body and what are some of the possible detrimental outcomes it can have on your health too:

“Sugar breaks down in the body (and turns into a) glucose molecule. The pancreas is an organ that releases the hormone insulin, which picks up the glucose molecules and transports them around the body — first to the muscles until they’re full and then to the liver — and then after both are full, they are stored as body fat.”

So the more sugar you constantly consume, the more likely your muscles and liver will become full, which means body fat will start to burgeon. Many more issues will arise as a result, most of which are equally damaging, if not more damaging.

The below are just a few of the more well-known issues that emerge when we put too much sugar into our body:

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The above list, as mentioned, is just a few complications that occur when you regularly consume too much sugar for your body to handle. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself every now and again. But the main word to focus on is moderation.

If you think you consume a lot of sugar on a daily basis, why not start making small changes now, to lessen your intake? Whether it is dropping sugar from your coffee and tea, cutting down on your sodas or buying less cakes or cookies during the week, if you start making changes now, your body is sure to thank you for it later.

By Nicola Watson, March 2019 / Updated October 2019

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