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GSS 2016: 12 Cheap Travel Must-Haves From Muji to Prepare For Your Next Dream Vacation

Travel in comfort – and on the cheap!

Check out these must-haves from the Muji to Go line that’ll make packing for your next holiday a breeze. Plus, take advantage of the GSS sales!


1. Hard carry case

Worry no more about noisy-rolling suitcases as this spacious, hard-shelled suitcase glides across the floor effortlessly. The wheels can be easily locked by turning a dial and its handle can also be adjusted every 1cm to suit the user’s height.

from $199 to $499 (33L-102L)

2. Polyster soft carry bag

This bag comes with a stopper function equipped at its end, as well as a convenient mesh pocket in the interior that can be used for sorting travel items.

from $199 to $299

3. French Terry Series

This line of apparel is made from soft organic cotton fleece that screams comfort.

*Available at selected stores only
from $39 to $59

4. Paraglider cloth foldable Boston bag

Carry this fashionable duffle-shaped, Boston bag for a spacious handbag to fit all your items in. It also comes with a handy strap to fasten around your luggage bag for a fuss-free walk around the airport.


5. Paraglider cloth foldable shoulder bag

This beautiful paraglider cloth shoulder bag has multiple compartments for you to organise your belongings.


6. Multi-purpose cool-feeling cape

Drape this lightweight cape around your shoulder for ultimate comfort with its 100% cotton knit composition that will also protect you from UV rays.


7. Paraglider cloth foldable assortment case

It’s lightweight and comes in different sizes to store various essentials and is easily foldable.

from $14.60 to $20.90

8. Hanging bath case

A must-have for smooth travel stays in your hotel room, it’s a practical mini dresser that holds your toothbrush and lotions, eliminating the risk of misplacement.


9. Paraglider cloth pocketable windbreaker

Bringing a jacket along won’t take up as much as space as you think with this paraglider windbreaker that can even fit into your pocket when folded!

*Available at selected stores only

10. Well-fitting neck cushion

Discover several ways to utilise this plush and comfy neck cushion during long waiting hours, varying from a foot rest to a way to support your neck.


11. Tag tool

This tiny tag tool is your ultimate traveling companion as it serves as a mirror, thermometer, LED light, pedometer, or even an alarm clock.

$4.90 to $23

12. Paraglider cloth foldable rucksack

A backpack is a must on every holiday as you can utilise its roomy interior for a long day out. This paraglider rucksack is super durable even though it’s as light as a feather.



By Singapore Women’s Weekly, 19 May 2016

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