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Guide on Paying Taxes for Overseas Purchases When You Return to Singapore

Planning to travel overseas over the upcoming long weekends? Add this to your checklist of important things to note. 


In 2013, 398 people were caught not declaring taxable goods for their overseas purchases. 

You don’t want to be on that list. Find out more about how the Goods and Services Tax (GST) affects your shopping when you are abroad or back home.  

Do I need to pay GST on the bag I bought overseas? 8 things you need to know


(Hint: It also depends on how long you’ve been out of Singapore.)

To save you the hassle from declaring your goods at the checkpoint when you arrive in Singapore, you can now declare and pay the duty and/or GST for overseas purchases even before you hit the island through a new mobile app Customs@SG.

The app will automatically create an e-receipt in your mobile phone once payment has been made. You can confidently go through the Customs Green Channel and show the e-receipts on your phone as proof of payment if you are stopped for checks.

Home page of the Customs@SG mobile app


You can also choose to declare and pay the taxes online through the Customs@SG web portal and it takes less than 10 minutes to complete. 


Now that you are well-informed on this for your next travel, here are a complete list of long weekends in Singapore in 2016 to help you plan your vacations this year.


Muneerah Bee, February 2016


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