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Haber vs. PIMABS: Which Robinsons Tailoring Service is Right for You?

Both make you look your best – but on your budget.

“In terms of men’s tailoring, there are two levels – one is made-to-measure, or made-to-order, and the other is bespoke,” explains Leslie Chia, the fashion and tailoring expert who created the made-to-measure Haber and bespoke PIMABS services at Robinsons The Heeren. “With made-to-measure, they take your measurements before they make the clothes, but they adjust them based on a template.” For bespoke – the highest level of tailoring – the tailor starts from scratch. “You measure a person, then study that person’s posture, what his body structure is like – whether he has a high and low shoulder, if he leans more to the back when he stands.” The end product? “It fits like a glove,” Leslie explains. This is what you can expect at Haber and PIMABS.

Fabric books

Hundreds of fabrics from which to choose


About the name: Leslie had a clothing line called Haberdasher for 10 years. He shortened it to “Haber” for Robinsons’ made-to-order men’s salon.

Where to find it: Robinsons The Heeren, 4th floor. You’ll be measured and fitted by one of three stylists – Annie Yeong, Ronald Lim and Raz Amri – all personally trained by Leslie.

Cost: With items ranging from $149 (shirt) to $999 (the most expensive suit), Haber offers more than 200 types of fabrics and 500 prints to choose from as well as a case of accessories to complete your look. You’ll be fitted with roughly 26 different samples using Haber’s “Archetype Fit” method (read about it here). Through the end of October 2015, Haber is running a promotion for new customers: Have a made-to-order shirt for just $100. Check at the store for more details.

Time: It takes about 45 minutes to 1 hours to be fitted. You’ll have your made-to-order pieces in two or three weeks, tops.

Haber and PIMABS Singapore

Leslie Chia, Sara Lyle Bow, Raz Amri, Annie Yeong



About the name: The letters stand for Perennial Image Management And Bespoke Service. According to Leslie, it was the first fully bespoke brand in Singapore.

Where to find it: Consultations and fittings with Leslie are done at The Personal Shopper’s Lounge in Robinsons The Heeren. Email robheerenpersonalshopperteam@robinsons.com.sg or call 8126 6188 to make an appointment.

Cost: A shirt starts at $360, a suit starts at $3,000.

Time: Expect 1 hour-plus for the initial consultation, in which you’ll tell Leslie about your lifestyle, profession and habits; he or a trained associate will measure you from top to bottom. Then, you’ll come back for three or four fittings. You’ll have your completed, bespoke garments in six to eight weeks.

Hanging jackets

By Sara Lyle Bow, October 2015

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