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Handy Tips For a Smooth and Stress-free Move When Hiring Movers In Singapore


What are the four things you MUST have in the contract?

Moving to a new place can be pretty stressful as it is and you don’t need the additional stress from the services you engage. Here are some useful tips from the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) on what to look out for when you hire movers.

Tip #1

Check if the mover company is insured, and ask about the type and extent of insurance coverage. For example, does it cover for damaged, destroyed, and loss of your items? Do note there will most likely be a cap to the amount that you can claim on insurance.

Tip #2

Relocating to a new country? To quote an accurate price for their service for long distance moves, professional movers will come by your place to inspect your items. If the mover company do not mention about conducting this prior inspection, that should raise some red flags.

During the inspection, ensure that all the things to be moved are displayed for the movers to see and don’t forget to ask how much it will cost if you think you may have more (or even less) items to add to the list on the actual moving day. It’s good to iron out such details before the move.

Tip #3

After you get the quote, make sure it contains an accurate and complete list on the following:
1) Number of boxes to be moved
2) Size and value of items
3) Cost per hour or flat rate and terms of payment
4) Timing of services to be provided.

Check that these options are clearly spelled out in writing before you sign the contract with the service provider.

Tip #4

Additionally, if you are moving your stuff out of Singapore, get hold of the contact details of the moving agents who will be handling your move at the new location overseas.

Now that you’re all set for the big move, here are the best relocation companies to help you move in or out of Singapore, and international relocation companies to aid your move to Singapore.

Relocating overseas for the first time? Don’t worry, we’ve got the ultimate international moving checklist just for you.

If you are thinking of moving to a new location within Singapore, here is a checklist of things you need to consider, and a list of house movers that can help with your move within the country.

By Muneerah Bee, June 2016/ Updated by The Finder Team, August 2020

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Handy Tips For a Smooth and Stress-free Move When Hiring Movers In Singapore

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