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Here’s How To Eat Well At Home With These Food DELIVERY Services In SG

With these meal delivery hacks, say goodbye to FOMO even when eating at home.

When you’re stuck a home, you might not be able to get your favourite restaurant foods.

But being at home doesn’t mean eating boring foods everyday. With tons of home delivery options, grocery stores (check them out here!), and meal prep services in Singapore, you’ve got no excuses! Learn how to pick up some cooking skills or simply indulge in the wonders of delivery.

Check out ways to eat well at home without breaking the bank and all the hassle:


  1. How to spend smarter on food deliveries
  2. Waste less and save more with these brands
  3. Brush up your skills with these cooking classes
  4. Home cooked meal delivery services (minus the actual cooking)
  5. Food delivery, made simple
  6. Eats on Instagram

How to spend smarter on food deliveries:

Firstly, healthy eating in Singapore can get quite expensive. But it doesn’t have to be with these five tips.

1. Don’t buy the first brand you see

When something on a supermarket shelf catches your eye, pause and look on a higher or lower shelf for a similar product. Grocery stores often place expensive items, or products they wish to get rid of, at eye level.

Tip: After a certain hour (usually 8 p.m.), many bakeries, delis, sushi joints, etc., in Singapore, sell day-old sushi, baked goods, etc., at heavenly discounted prices.

2. Shop with a list

Preparing a shopping list takes a bit of time, but it can pay great dividends by speeding up your supermarket trip. It helps you shop in a more targeted manner as you make a beeline for what you need, thus avoiding meandering walks along aisles that may tempt you to purchase unnecessary items. (On that note: Do not, we repeat, do not shop while hungry.)

3. Ditch the shopping cart

People tend to spend more when they use a shopping cart. Designed to hold large amounts of groceries, they restrict movement and cause you to linger in the aisles. Unless you’re stocking up for a week or more, carry a hand basket instead. It might be a little more tiring, but it helps you stick to buying only what you need.

4. Use a credit card with rewards

Some Singapore credit cards offer decent cash rebates for grocery shopping. For instance, Citibank Cash Back Card offers 8 percent cash back or up to $80 when you spend on groceries, so long as you spend at least $800 on the card each month.

5. Show your loyalty

Get more out of every grocery shopping trip by signing up for a loyalty card that lets you earn points on your purchases, which you can utilise for discounts and freebies. In Singapore, the PAssion Card gains you points at Giant, Cold Storage, Market Place and Jasons, while the Plus! Card lets you rack up points at FairPrice. Sign up for both cards for free, and your points can be used to offset purchases at the checkout counter.

Save more and waste less with these brands:

Why is buying from bulk foods stores better? It helps you maximise your marketing money and reduces the need for excess packaging. Consider these eco-shops:

1. Eco.Le

This shop, with a brick-and-mortar store and online presence, sells bulk condiments, dried goods and other groceries you can take away in your own containers. It also offers toiletries such as soap bars and refillable shampoos, as well as zero waste essentials like lunch boxes and reusable straws. Bonus: Rent cutlery and plates for a party, or use its in-store sewing machine for a small fee.

Address: 170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd., #03-56 Bukit Timah Shopping Center, 588179
Tel: 8766 5074
Opening hours: 12 to 6 p.m. (Sun. to Mon., Weds. to Thurs.); 12 to 8 p.m. (Fri. to Sat.)

2. Scoop Wholefoods

This chain of bulk grocery stores, which has a presence in Australia and the U.K., has three branches in Singapore. Besides the usual dried goods, it also has a wide selection of bulk oils, vinegar and teas, plus several types of dishwashing and laundry powder.

Scoop Wholefoods
Address: Multiple locations
Tel: See website
Opening hours: See website

3. The Source Bulk Foods

This Australian chain has three stores in Singapore. Its zero-waste food products and household goods include items that are hard to find in bulk, such as organic beef and chicken bone broth powder, organic vegetable broth powder, and organic pea or rice protein powder.

The Source Bulk Foods
Address: Multiple locations
Tel: See website
Opening hours: See website

4. Unpakt

UnPackt, which opened in Ang Mo Kio in 2018, is Singapore’s original zero-waste store. It offers an extensive list of bulk groceries, including cereals, snacks and biscuits. It also carries lots of package-free toiletries and household products, and a large selection of zero-waste lifestyle goods.

Address: 6 Jalan Kuras, 577724
Tel: 8399 3552
Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Tues. to Sun.)

Brush up your skills with cooking classes in Singapore:

Not a whizz in the kitchen? Sign up for one of these cooking classes to learn a trick or two.

1. ABC Cooking Studio

This cooking school in three locations offers courses for home cooks of all levels. The world’s best-loved cuisines are represented, including Japanese, Korean, Thai, Mexican and Italian. There are also classes based on a specific diet or meal type, such as low-carb or picnic lunch.

ABC Cooking Studio
Address: 391A Orchard Rd., #03-12, Takashimaya S.C, 238873 / 107 North Bridge Rd., #02-29, Funan, 179105 / 3 Gateway Dr., #03-01, Westgate Mall, 608532
Tel: 6694 6259 / 6970 1400 / 6254 2569
Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (daily)

2. Cookery Magic

This popular cooking school will help you master dishes from Singapore and the Asian region. Choose among classes conducted in the instructor’s own home, on the rustic island of Pulau Ubin, or at a location of your choosing. Otherwise, opt for the convenience of online classes.

Cookery Magic
Address: 117 Fidelio St., 458492
Tel: 9665 6831
Opening hours: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (daily)

3. Little Green Kitchen

Learn to whip up a vegetarian feast at this cooking school’s hands-on three-hour classes. Vegetarians can select from cuisine-specific classes including Indian, Thai and Vietnamese, or opt for classes based on themes like Healthy Vegan Cooking and 30-Minute Meals.

Little Green Kitchen
Address: 1 Hacienda Grove, Upper East Coast Rd., 457908
Tel: 9763 1483

4. Food Playground

This award-winning cooking school conducts both live and virtual classes, including a cultural cooking class that offers an introduction to Singapore’s culinary heritage, and a team-building cooking session.

Food Playground
Address: 24A Sago Street, 059020
Tel:  9452 3669

5. Grandmothers’ Recipes

Learn the secrets to authentic Peranakan cooking taught by a local nyonya, who previously ran a cafe and pub. There is a beginner’s course for newbies, as well as menu-specific classes.

Grandmothers’ Recipes
Address: 81 Gardenia Rd., 578856
Tel: 9675 7611

6. Hungry Mummies

At Hungry Mummies, you’ll strengthen your cooking skills via classes that focus on nutritious family meals made using ingredients that are widely available in Singapore.

Hungry Mummies
Address: 58 Telok Blangah Heights, 100058
Tel: 9743 7685

7. Palate Sensations Culinary School

This cooking school runs dish specific workshops (for instance, Vietnamese pho or dinner party fare) targeted at home cooks who already have some of the
basics down and want to delve into particular cuisines or recipes. You’ll learn a lot in small hands-on classes of up to four participants.

Palate Sensations Culinary School
Address: 10 Biopolis Rd., #01-03, Chromos, 138670
Tel: 6478 9746

8. ToTT Store

Kitchenware store ToTT conducts live and virtual cooking and baking classes for adults, kids and parent child pairings at two locations. Thanks to an extremely diverse selection of cooking classes, you can learn to make pandan Swiss roll one day and whip up a three course Italian meal the next.

ToTT Store
Address: 2 Tampines Central 5, #02-14, Century Square, 529509 / 3 Temasek Blvd., #02-427, Suntec, 038983
Tel: 6219 7077 / 6238 1578 / 6215 9186 (Cooking class)
Opening hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Sun. to Thurs.); 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. (Fri. to Sat.)

Home-cooked meal delivery services minus the actual cooking:

Try these wholesome meal-delivery services.


AMGD (or Ahhmahgawd!) serves up halal-certified bentos for a selection of dietary preferences, including vegetarian, keto and pescatarian. Look out for new menus and seasonal offerings every month, and buy a pass loaded with meal credits for one, five, 10, 20, 50 or 101 meals.

Cost: $17 per meal with ALA-CARTE PASS or $12 per meal with GOLD PASS.


Reduce your carbon footprint with FITTHREE’s meals packed in sustainable packaging, which includes containers made of bagasse pulp. The meal selection is health- and fitness-oriented and includes Omnitarian, Low-Carb and Vegetarian. You can order single meals or sets of three, five or 10 meals to refrigerate.

Cost: $13.40 per standard meal; $15.90 per XL meal.

3. Fresher

Order highprotein meals containing at least 33 grams per portion to help you reach your health and fitness goals. The selection includes Higher-inCarbs, Lower-in-Carbs and Keto-Friendly, and all dishes are made from scratch in small batches.

Cost: Meals start from $10.95.

4. Grain

Sink your teeth into a rotating menu of Asian and Western dishes made with ingredients such as grilled farm fresh chicken and coconut curry tempeh. It has meal plans for singles, couples and families. Choose to have three, five or seven meals delivered a week, for lunch or dinner, when you require.

Cost: From $9.95 per meal with meal plan; à la carte meals from $10.95 to $19.95.

5. Kim Paradise

Craving home-style Chinese cooking? Kim Paradise offers tingkat (tiffin carrier) meals with a rotating menu of daily specials. Dishes include nyonya-style steamed fish and nutritious black herbal chicken soup. Order a package for 20 days and you’ll get a full spread with multiple dishes.

Kim Paradise
Cost: $278.20 for 20 days for two persons, with three dishes plus soup.

6. Mom’s Cooking

Tuck into home-style comfort food made with heart-healthy oil and no MSG (YouTube’s Uncle Roger, be damned!). The menu includes classics like braised herbal chicken and Teochew-style steamed fish.

Mom’s Cooking
Cost: $449.40 for 20 meals for two persons, five times a week.

7. Nutrify Meals

Want to have control over your macronutrient intake? Nutrify Meals’ fare can be customised to fit your desired nutritional profile. Locally sourced, fresh ingredients are used, with no preservatives.

Nutrify Meals
Cost: $7.50 to $13.70 for most meals.

8. NutritionKitchenSG

This meal delivery service uses only sustainable, biodegradable packaging to contain its freshly prepared, calorie-controlled meals. Choose from Balanced or Low Carb meals, and five-, 10- or 20-day plans.

Cost: From $15 for a regular-size meal (it offers large meals too), for a minimum of two meals per day.

9. Prepped

Relish the satisfaction of cooking without the hassle of doing the groceries or prepping ingredients. Prepped offers a rotating menu of meal kits which come with washed, portioned and chopped ingredients. Just follow the instructions for a piping hot home-cooked meal.

Cost: $5 to $8.80 per kit.

10. Ronnie Kitchen

This tingkat catering service offers local home-style Chinese dishes. Opt for three dishes and one soup, or four dishes, with or without rice. If your schedule changes, you can amend your delivery at a day’s notice.

Ronnie Kitchen
Cost: $256.80 for 20 days for two persons, with three dishes plus soup.

11. Savoury Catering

This old-school tingkat service offers dishes prepared using less oil, less salt, no added MSG and 100 percent vegetable oil. It offers an extensive menu of over 200 recipes, including fragrant spicy fish, curry vegetable and lotus root soup.

Savoury Catering
Cost: $278.20 for 20 days for two persons, with three dishes plus soup.

12. Yeyeah Delights

This halal-certified tingkat service offers freshly-made dishes as well as special menus – such as confinement meals designed with the help of a certified TCM practitioner – and low-calorie meals for weight loss.

Yeyeah Delights
Cost: $342 for 20 days for two people.

Food delivery, made simple:

Use these food delivery apps to enjoy delicious food from your favourite eateries, without getting out of bed.

1. Deliveroo

Deliveroo’s huge selection of restaurants has cemented its status as one of the big players on Singapore’s food delivery scene. Its offerings run the gamut from
hawker-style fare and fast food to meals from mid-priced restaurants, plus a decent selection of slightly fancier options.

Eateries that deliver through Deliveroo range from Guzman y Gomez to Ippudo and Gattopardo Ristorante Di Mare. Deliveroo’s delivery fees are determined through dynamic pricing, so you’re more likely to pay more during mealtimes. These days, certain eateries offer free delivery at certain hours. A small order fee is charged for orders under $12, and some eateries have their own minimum order amount.

Tip: Deliveroo fans can join Deliveroo Plus for $16.90 a month to enjoy free delivery on orders of at least $18.

2. Foodpanda

Foodpanda delivery riders’ bright pink backpacks are unmistakable on the streets. This popular delivery service is your go-to for hawker food, inexpensive local eats and fast food.

Chains like McDonald’s, KFC and Starbucks are represented on Foodpanda, and this delivery service is also your best option if you’re looking for a bowl of fishball
noodles or nasi lemak and can’t be bothered to walk to the nearest hawker centre.

Tip: Delivery fees vary depending on the eatery. You need to pay a small order fee if you do not meet the minimum order of $10.

3. GrabFood

GrabFood is the newest of the three big delivery services, but it’s lost no time in amassing a respectable number of eateries. It features a mixed bag of establishments, composed mostly of hawker stalls and fast food joints with a few mid-range restaurants thrown in, such as Paris Baguette, Din Tai Fung and Toast Box.

Tip: Delivery fees are determined by a dynamic pricing system, and minimum order fees vary from merchant to merchant, with some offering free delivery.

Eats on Instagram:

instagram icon

The popularity of food delivery has reached an all-time high, thanks to the work from-home lifestyle. What better chance to sample offerings from Singapore’s plethora of small F&B businesses? Some of these businesses are online-only and many promote themselves primarily through Instagram. Look out for sales or discounts!

1. Basqueburnt

Invite a little sugar into your life by ordering Basque Burnt Cheesecake’s eponymous dessert. Consisting of a caramelised burnt surface and an interior of sweet, melted cream cheese, its cheesecakes cost $49. Islandwide delivery is free.

2. Bespokebreadsg

This home-based business has gained thousands of followers thanks to gorgeous artisanal breads, including sourdough and super-soft pillow loaves. A loaf of artisanal sourdough costs from $19.90 and comes in flavours like caramelised onion and truffle mushroom.

3. Bindingbits

Binding Bits sells a hodgepodge of sweet and savoury treats ranging from Peranakan dishes like assam pedas chicken and jackfruit chendol to fruit-filled pancake wraps in fluorescent colours. The price of the durian pancake wrap is $8.90 for three, and $13.90 for five.

4. Cookieguilt

The humble chocolate chip cookie is the ultimate comfort food, and Cookie Guilt has cookie baking down to a science, with flavours such as pumpkin spice, earl grey and strawberry shortcake with cream cheese. Vegan and gluten-free options are available as well. Prices start from $3.75.

5. Craftteafox

Tea break takes on a whole new meaning with Craft Tea Fox’s artisanal matcha and hojicha. Add a dash of matcha powder to your latest baking project or sip a chilled hojicha latte made from tea leaves grown in various parts of Japan. To sweeten the deal, get $5 off your first order!

6. Levyr.sg

Le Vyr is a kombucha and milk kefir nano-brewery offering fermented drinks said to be great for your gut. The mind-boggling array of flavours include Singapore Sling kombucha and mango sago milk kefir. Bottles are priced from $7.

7. Mamafang.sg

Mama Fang’s steamed breads are light outside and filled with a gooey layer of mochi inside. They are also vegan, made with 100 percent natural ingredients, and come in tantalising flavours like matcha mochi and sweet potato mochi. A box of three costs $10 or $12, depending on flavour.

8. Matchayasg

Matcha is all the rage now, and you can get your fill with Matchaya’s matcha tea and matcha desserts. Its matcha-laced treats include pineapple tarts, cold whisked matcha milk and matcha soft serve. Delivery is available.

By Joanne Poh, for The Finder Issue 306, February 2021

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